Best Projectors For Conference Room In 2022


Hello, they’re guys so you are looking for the best projectors for the Conference room so basically you have a lit room and there’s no way you’re gonna black this room out.

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You’re gonna have to buy blackout curtains and all sorts of weird stuff just to get your projector to work and then that messes around with the looks of your house and your house will look ugly and then people will hate just jocking everybody likes you.

Consider Things Before Buying A Projector For Conference Room

But they’ll like you more if you get a good projector so when you want to look for a projector for a Conference room what you need to look for is two things two main things the lumens and the contrast ratio.

Contrast Ratio

They’re both equally important when it comes to working a projector in a Conference room so usually when you have a projector that has a low contrast ratio it looks washed out.

And what happens when you have a lot of light in the room it looks washed out so the easiest way to solve this thing is to get a very high contrast ratio which will counteract the washed-out nests of the Conference room.

So basically the higher the contrast ratio projector you have the darker the blacks look and the lighter the whites look if you get a low contrast ratio projector no matter how many lumens it has.

it’s still gonna look washed out it’s gonna look bad and especially with the light in the room and the lights in the room kind of messes with the contrast a little bit and it makes it even lower.

So if you have a low contrast ratio projector to start with it becomes even lower so don’t be a fool to think that lumens are the only thing you need to look out for, for now, the other thing you need to look out for is lumens.


If you have a projector that only has 400 lumens it ain’t gonna do anything like it only puts out a tiny olive light like it’s easily gonna get washed out with some low light in the room.

You have the lumens to be higher than the lumens in your room so we can actually show up on the wall so usually, it’s recommended to go for 1500 lumens or more but the more is preferable for Conference rooms but the contrast ratio is equally as important.

Okay now, what else can you do to make your projector work great for your room okay let’s say you nail the project you got a high lumen projector and it’s got a very high contrast ratio but Luigi it looks rubbish it looks washed out what did you do you?

Black Screen For Projector

If you want to work in a Conference room you’re gonna have to get a black screen for the projector projectors, projecting on white screens in lit rooms doesn’t work it just doesn’t work out well.

If you want to project in a Conference room the best way to go is a black canvas a black fabric a black something you want a black screen for the projector to project on.

You will not get a worse feeling than buying a very good projector and projecting onto the wall only to see a washed-out projector to counteract that.

You also need to get a black screen or a screen that is designed for projectors and whoever told you that projecting on a wall is good enough no it’s not good enough you’re gonna have to go a little bit further.

So now that we have the basics down of choosing a good projector for Conference rooms what is the next step what are the best projectors for Conference rooms and I will also be mentioning a good screen for your projector.

And all projectors are created equal some are good for business use some are good for home use so I’ll be giving options that will suit everybody from budget options to high-end options to business options and I’ll also give you my recommended screen for your projector.

5 Best Projectors For Conference Room

NOProductsWeightDisplay Res*Price
5.Epson Home Cinema 310014.6 lbs1920 x 1080Check
4.BenQ MW612 WXGA5.51 lbs1280 x 800Check
3.Optoma HD143X5.50 lbs1920 x 1080Check
2.Artlii Full HD8.18 lbs1920 x 1080Check
1.VANKYO Performance V6308.80 lbs1920 x 1080Check

5. Epson Home Cinema 3100 1080P Home Theater projector

Source: Amazon

The Epson Home Cinema 3100 1080P Home Theater projector is the best from the overall projector for Conference lighting settings with the highest contrast ratio available for home use.

It is great for a home cinema or home theater cell let’s lower the most important things it has extremely deep black levels with up to 60,000 to 1 contrast ratio.

There are higher contrast ratios out there but this one’s more than enough for home use for Conference settings it will get the job done and it has 2,600 lumens and 1080p for resolution.

Screen Size

So this will give you a screen size of up to 300 inches and you can project a 110-inch image from just 10.5 feet away the optimal operating distance is 10 meters away which is 32 feet and it will give you 300 inches of screen size.

And what else this thing has is 60% vertical and a 24% horizontal lens shift that allows you to change the position of the photo without actually moving the projector which gives it some flexible positioning and easy setup.

And it also has 1.6 X zoom features so if you want to zoom the photo in Morrel’s zoom out you can do that too another cool thing about this projector is it uses Epson’s image enhancement technology.

Which features super-resolution with detail enhancement which sharpens and refines the images for lifelike smoothness and clarity so we’ll make the footage that comes to it look even better with its digital enhancement technology.

So what can you use this thing with you can use it with a tablet smartphone laptop computer game console Amazon fire stick Chromecast DVD player cable box Roku Apple TV digital camera anything.


The connectivity options on this projector are one HDMI one and one HDMI 2 / MH l and one d-sub 15-pin computer plug and one USB connector type a 1 mini USB 1 audio out.

The one I mentioned as a 15-pin computer plug is a VGA plug that comes with remote control with batteries and a power cord.

And this is very easy to set up you can set this thing up in five minutes and you can get it working so the projection distance is between 8 feet away to 32 feet away and you get a size of 80 inches to 300 inches for Brite settings this will work great.

Thanks to the very high contrast ratio as we mentioned before and thanks to the high lumens of 2,600 lumens.

4. BenQ MW612 WXGA Business Projector

Source: Amazon

BenQ MW612 WXGA Business Projector so the last projector was an LCD projector and this one is a WXGA business projector.

WXGA is considered much better for business use and it will give you higher clarity on images that include for heavy text or presentation type images so this is the best middle-ground projector.

And it is great for home use and for business use but it is more preferred for business use for home use you could just get a one that is made for home use so I won’t be diving too deep into this projector.

But it has a 20,000 to 1 contrast ratio and it has 4000 lumens the price is not too high but it only has 720p resolution which is not the best but for business use, 720p is more than enough.

It also comes with a three-year limited part warranty it has an easy installation it has vertical Keystone correction to make it simple to project aligned images from a variety of locations.


And you also have Wi-Fi so you can use optional wireless dongles q caste or q kashmira HDMI Wireless dongles to deliver Wireless presentations which make for an easier and faster overall.

Experience in a business setting for a quick snappy setup and for that purpose it makes it a great option for classrooms and universities.

This projector has many connectivity options it has two HDMI ports a USB port a VGA port and many other weird ports are you’ve never had so overall this is gonna be your best business projector for the Conference setting.

3. Optoma HD143X Affordable High-Performance 1080p Home Theater Projector

Source: Amazon

Optoma HD143X Affordable High-Performance 1080p Home Theater Projector so like I just said this projector has 3000 ANSI lumens.

And it also has a high contrast ratio of 23,000 to one so for a great cinematic home experience this 1080p projector does an amazing job it has very clear and powerful audio with a 10-watt speaker in it.

Screen Size

The screen size is between zero point seven meters to seven point six five meters which are thirty inches to 300 inches of screen size.

The cool thing about this projector is it is well known for its great performance and it is well regarded as the best in its range it also includes a one-year warranty.

So you can throw this thing on the wall you can smash it and don’t worry they will bring you anyone I am just joking so take that with a grain of salt I don’t want someone complaining that they try to break their projector and no one gave them a refund.


So as for the connectivity options, it has an HDMI one an HDMI to which is also known as MHL and you could also use this thing wirelessly what you need to buy a separate wireless dongle.

Okay now I know that most of you guys don’t have that kind of money and you want a budget-friendly projector for home use so the next two projectors our budget projectors and they work in well that rooms.

2. Artlii Full HD 1080P Projector

Source: Amazon

The Artlii Full HD 1080P Projector so this projector is almost as good as Bruce Lee but I mean no one becomes as good as Bruce Lee.

So the good thing about this projector is it has six thousand five hundred lumens which are around two hundred eighty anti lumens and it has a great color quality with five thousand to one contrast ratio.

It is not as high as the other projectors I mentioned but if you want a high contrast ratio you’re gonna have to spend much more but for this price, this gives amazing value it is definitely one of the best options out there at a budget price.

So this thing also has a zooming function for 75% to 100% it is FCC RoHS and seee certified and it comes with a one month 100% money-back guarantee so if you don’t like this thing you can just return it and they will give you all your money back.

And also has a one-year factory warranty so even if you break it you can act like it broke on its own and then you can tell them to give you anyone not recommended.


So this projector has two HDMI ports a VGA connection port and a USB port it has 55 thousand hours of LED lamp life and it has high 5 built-in stereo speakers that provide crystal-clear sound.

So this thing works with firestick Ruko Chromecast Apple TV iOS and Android as do all the projectors on this list and it will give you great value for its price and it will work in Conference rooms.

But keep in mind it won’t give you as good results as the options I mentioned before as they have way more contrast ratio which is very helpful but if you get this one and you get a good black screen you are good to go.

If you don’t like the looks of this thing don’t worry number one is also highly recommended as a great budget protector for well-lit rooms so the only problems with this projector are it’s a little bit too loud.

And if you keep using the buttons too much they don’t last too long and then they stop working or something like that so don’t play with the buttons.

1. VANKYO Performance V630

Source: Amazon

At number one we have The Vankyo performance V630 Vankyo are well known for the great amazing projectors they always provide with amazing customer support and their projectors are on the next level.

Screen Size

So for a budget price this is a great option to go for it comes with a great carrying bag and it has 1080p native resolution 6500 Lux and the size is from 46 inches to 300 inches which gives you an exception full 300-inch size for a home theater.

And it has 50,000 hours of lamp life so it’ll easily last more than 20 years the lamp and it has 45-degree angle projection available too so you can project it at plus or minus 45-degree angles.


As for the connectivity options thank you will always provide you with the best the connectivity options you have the two HDMI and in one LV and a one VGA and a one SD card and an audio out port.

I won’t be doing that again that sounded bad anyways you can connect this thing to your TV stick Xbox ps4 PC laptop USB sticks SD card and refined or iOS phones etc and the list goes on and on so this thing has HiFi stereo speakers.

And it will give you a three-year warranty and professional support from thank you and thank you are very well known for the amazing outstanding customer support so if you ever have any problem with any of their projectors you will always get great support.

The best thing about this thing is the three-year warranty that’s how confident they are in their products and this is an amazing overall product and it’s built very well especially mentioning its price.

And I forgot to tell you the contrast ratio so the contrast ratio is five thousand to one which will result in great contrast at a budget price point you won’t find higher contrast and lumina projectors at this price.

So for the best bang for your buck Conference projector that works well in well-lit rooms or Conference rooms, this is the way to go.

Okay now, the biggest thing that’s gonna give you an advantage if you want to use your projectors in a Conference room you’re gonna want to look for a good projector screen so you have white projector screens and you have black projector screens.

They recommended the black projector screens they usually work better in outdoor settings or in well-lit settings if you have a dark room or you have a light control room so you can turn everything off make it look pitch dark.

A white projector screen would be better but here is my recommended projector screen for outdoor use sadly there are no black diamond projector screens on Amazon.

>>>>>>>>>Black Screen for projector<<<<<<<<<

So you’re gonna have to go for screen innovations comm they will provide you with the best blacks Trinis I know you don’t want to be spending extra money but the picture can only get as dark as your Wallis.

Basically, if you have a white wall you’re gonna have to turn off all the lights so the white wall looks black, and then only you will get the great contrast that you want.

Otherwise, you probably should definitely try and go for a black projector screen or you could go for high-definition screen paint and paint your own.

Ending Para

Thanks for reading I hope you liked the content if you found it helpful please remember to share with your friends and family if you have any questions related to these products you can leave a comment below. I’ll definitely reply within a few moments.

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