Top 5 Best Digital Projectors For Artists


There are many digital projectors out there and finding the right one for artists is not the easiest job so I have been researching for two whole days and I wrote a whole article about it.

The next thing to worry about is brightness if you know that you are gonna be working in a bright studio or outside may be or if you’re working anywhere where there is light and you can’t get it to pitch dark then you’ll need a very bright projector.

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Otherwise, you won’t be seeing anything and then you need to know what resolution is gonna work best for you.

So after thinking for a very long time you have finally decided that you want to buy a digital art projector because you want to recreate some amazing mural wall art or maybe you are just interested in trying this out as a new hobby.

And I finally found exactly what you need so stay tuned till the end if you want to get the best digital projectors for artists so before I start with the projectors I’m gonna dive into what you need to know when buying your first art projector.

Types Of Projectors

So the first thing you need to know is that there are two types of projectors you’ve got digital art projectors and you’ve got paper art or physical art projectors these are also called opaque projectors.

For digital projectors, you need a PCE phone or any type of device that will broadcast a signal to the projector so whatever you want to project has to be stored electronically somewhere.

Otherwise, on an opaque projector you just need a piece of paper you draw what you want on it and you project it onto a wall it is very easy to use and it is the most simple type.

This is the most convenient option for artists however it is not the best digital art projectors are usually much brighter and they will give you better results another main feature is knowing what size you want your projector to deliver.

See if you think about it the further you go away from the wall the bigger the photo becomes right sadly it’s not as simple as that because if you go too far away from the wall you will lose brightness and color quality.

So I suggest you get a tape measure and figure out what sizes you will need the next thing you need to know is how much space do you have for it usually projectors will have their own recommended distance to be off a wall.

And finally, you have brightness so brightness is measured by lumens or looks lumens means how much light is actually produced from the projector like how much light comes out of the projector.

Display Resolution

So even if you think 480p looks fine on your phone it will not look fine on a projector because 480p on a big massive wall is gonna be like 100 P on a small phone or something so that’s not a very good idea 720p will look acceptable.

But I always recommend to go for 1080p 4k is a very good option but they are extremely expensive and they usually cost around a thousand so I limited this article to 720p projectors and 1080p.

And another thing to worry about is portability so usually if you’re working on mural wall art you’re gonna probably be working in multiple destinations so you need something that is portable that you can take with you.

And I know that you artists have lots of equipment so you can’t be carrying around a 10-kilo projector so luckily for you there are very small projectors that will even fit in your pocket so finally we can begin with the best projectors for artists and for mural wall art.

5 Best Projectors For Artists And For
Mural Wall Art.

NOProductsWeightDisplay Res*Price
5.VANKYO Leisure 5105.48 lbs1280 x 768Check
4.APEMAN NM4 Portable0.44 lbs1280 x 800Check
3.Artograph LED EZ Tracer2.15 lbs1280 x 768Check
2.VANKYO Performance V6008.30 lbs1920 x 1080Check
1.VANKYO Performance V6308.80 lbs1920 x 1080Check

VANKYO Leisure 510

Source: Amazon

VANKYO Leisure 510 for the best project is out there I would recommend you stick with it. makes amazing projectors and they usually have no cons whatsoever and they have amazing customer support so back to the projector this is gonna be your best budget option.

Display Res*

It’s not extremely cheap but goes for anything cheaper than this and you are gonna regret it so this projector has 720p native resolution and it supports up to 1080p which means if you put 1080p footage into it it will show you 720 p footage but it works fine.

So this projector has 4500 looks which are very good it has a high brightness for this price and it will work in fairly bright rooms without any problem and it has extremely good color quality.

A very common problem with cheap projectors is that they have very bad colors or they have other annoying problems like rainbow artifacts and they usually break very fast.


But this projector is built extremely well and it has a very high quality so the lamp of this projector has a 50,000-hour lamp life so if you use your projector for three hours a day that means in one year you’re gonna use it for 1095 hours.

So it’s gonna take you about 50 years to kill this lamp so I think it’s safe to assume that this may even outlive you so it’s definitely a good future-proof option.

And it has dual stereo speakers built in it so you don’t even need to worry about the speakers that has speakers built in it and you can listen to your music while creating your art this is honestly a very good projector.

So don’t stress about it too much if you don’t have enough of a budget for the others just go for this one.

The only downside of this projector is it’s 720p so if you’re working on extremely large products and you are working on more than 100 inches of the size I recommend you go for 1080p.

Screen Size

This projector offers 44 inches to 200 inches of display size at a distance of between 1.5 meters to 5 meters so it will work fine even if you’re working in a small room.

As for connectivity, it is equipped with two HDMI one a v1 VGA one USB, and an SD card slot and audio-out ports.

APEMAN NM4 Portable

Source: Amazon

APEMAN NM4 Portable this is easily the best portable projector out there it is extremely small and lightweight it’s probably even smaller than your phone.

It only weighs 0.14 pounds which is close to a quarter of a kilo it’s so small yet it delivers amazing results somehow they managed to crack a 3,400 milliamp per hour battery in this thing but as you know projectors need to project extremely bright images.

Battery Life

So to do that it uses a lot of battery life so expect between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours of use on a single charge it may seem like not much but it’s definitely amazing given the size of this thing and you could always plug it into a wall and users at the same time.

So what separates this portable projector from others? is it has extremely accurate colors and it comes with a 45,000-hour lamp life meaning it will probably last around 40 years easily however I’m unsure if the battery lasts 45 years but the lamp will.

And I forgot to mention the most important thing so this comes with a 480p resolution but it supports up to 1080p footage as bad as 480p sounds this thing fits in your pocket and you can take it anywhere.

So it doesn’t really matter too much within a distance of 1 to 4 meters it can achieve 30 to 100 inches so this fact alone is what makes it such a good option for artists.

Even if you are working in small spaces or rooms you can still get a very big image tracing is gonna be no problem but if you need every single detail in your photos and you’re probably gonna want to go for a normal projector that is 1080p.


But for small projects, this is definitely an amazing option that you can take everywhere and it uses an HDMI connector so if you are willing to use it for your phone you were probably gonna have to buy an HDMI 2 phone adapter.

This thing is honestly awesome like you can use it anywhere so you will probably be using it everywhere and not just for art but it will be an amazing tool to add to your arsenal.

Artograph LED EZ Tracer

Source: Amazon

The Artograph LED EZ Tracer this projector is as simple as it gets you just have to draw something and then stick it under the projector and boom it now.


Projecting on the wall up to two to ten times larger than it is. It’s not ideal for very big projects but it definitely works for small projects.

You could also use it for big projects but you’re probably going to have to split your project into four and do a quarter each time so the pros of this tracer are that it is very portable it is extremely easy and simple to use it enlarges photos from two to ten times.

And it is a very good tool for kids so if you have any kids and they like drawing big pictures and hanging them up on the wall this is definitely a good option for them.

And it’s pretty good for wall art because you can just draw something on the paper stick it under it and boom now it’s on the wall.

Now before buying these projects you have to know a few things the light bulb usually comes broken so you are gonna probably have to buy your own light bulb if you read its reviews like 9 out of every 10 people get a broken light bulb.


But it’s not too big of a problem the light bulb is replaceable just by any light bulb that is bright enough and sticks it inside as it’s easily replaceable.

Another common problem is light is not very bright and it’s hard to use it in little places as opaque projectors like this one use reflection so it shines on the paper then the paper reflects back into the projector.

And it projects it onto the wall so it isn’t very bright but it definitely works easily if you use it in the darkroom so this is a great tool for beginners and for hobbyists it also works out very well if you just want it for a particular project as it’s very cheap.

VANKYO Performance V600

Source: Amazon

Coming up number two we have the VANKYO Performance V600 this digital projector is gonna be your best middle range option the brightness of this thing is 6,000 Lux so it’s very bright and it will easily work in a bright room.

So it’s pretty easy to use in well-lit places and it has a 1080p native display now the colors are extremely accurate Banqiao is amazing with color quality their colors are very accurate and as with all Vankyo projectors connectivity is amazing.


It has all connectivity options like it has one AV port to HDMI ports one USB to one VGA one SD card slot and one audio out so this allows you to project full HD presentations from laptops smartphones and streaming devices.

So you can project your art out of a phone laptop or any streaming device and trust me I am not sponsored by thank you in any way but their products excel in every corner they are the kings of any projector on the $350 and as usual you get 50,000 hours of your amp life.

Dsiplay Size

And if you are wondering about display size it displays from 50 inches up to 300 inches in size this measurement is usually taking in a diagonal line between both opposite corners of the rectangle.

So it’s not how tall or wide it is it’s the diagonal line so that’s pretty massive and it will probably work very well for most big projects.

VANKYO Performance V630 (Best Digital Art Projector)

Source: Amazon

The one in number one is gonna be your best option for working in the very well-lit areas so coming up in number one is the VANKYO Performance V630.

This is a perfect option for art enthusiasts who want the best options possible without putting a hole in their budget so the reason this projector is number one as it has a whopping 6500 Lux.

I know it’s not a very big difference but if you’re working in a very well-lit then it’s gonna make the world of a difference so if you’re working very well-lit areas it’s gonna be your best option.

And it also has a zoom feature so that is gonna be very useful to so you can make it bigger and smaller without moving the projector itself and it has 50,000 hours of lamp life.

Screen Size

It projects very big sizes up to 300 inches it has all connectivity options you dream of it has very accurate colors and it is a 1080p display and it works amazing even in very well-lit places so the main reason you go for this is if you work in very bright places.

Another cool feature about this projector is it works at a 45-degree angle off the wall so you don’t have to place it directly in front of the wall you can’t place it at an angle.

And if you’re anything like me and you just hate noise this is gonna be your best noise-free option it uses a very innovative cooling system so that allows this projector to produce 80 percent less sound than most other projectors that’s a whopping difference.

As all Vankyo projectors on this article Vankyo provides you with a three-month free return and a full refund and they also provide you with a three-year free repair and lifelong professional customer service and technical support.

And that is where they shine they have amazing customer support now if you’re working on very big projects you may want to go for a 4k projector because that is gonna give you much more details.

But they’re very expensive and they probably cost around 1000 so unless you want to spend 1,000 I recommend you stick with the 1080p ones in this article.

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