Top 5 Best Printers for Canvas To Buy


Hello, there today I’m gonna talk about the best printers possible for printing on canvas. what’s most annoying is that these manufacturers don’t seem to mention whether these printers work with canvas or not.

They just say oh it works with art paper well well thank you very much so yeah they don’t even tell you whether it works with canvas or not so basically what I did is I found the people that are really good at printing on canvas.

And I asked them which printers are gonna be the best for printing on canvas they gave me lots of options and I I read many many blogs about this and I found many questions of people asking which printers are gonna work for canvas.

So basically I pinned them down to these five printers are gonna work best for you for printing on canvas there are many other canvas printers but these are the ones that I found work best for printing on canvas and many people are using these.


And they are all reporting successful printing without having any problems so before talking about the best printers I’m gonna share a few tips to make sure that you pick the right camera’s printer for you.

Now the first step you want to look at is what size are you gonna print on it’s really important because if you go for a really big size printer and you are only gonna be printing on small things it’s gonna be a waste of money.

But if you want to print big things you definitely want to go for one of the bigger printers and keep it in your mind that you’re gonna need a lot of space if you want to get one of those big printers you’re probably gonna need a lot of space.


Now you may have this lingering question can I use any large format printer or plotter to print on canvas? sadly the answer is no because not all printers are made to print on thick objects some are made to print on pretty thin art paper

And not all are made to print on canvas so you’re definitely gonna try and stick with the ones I recommend in this article because these are proven to work time and time again to print on canvas.

So now I’ll be talking about the inks now usually for printing on canvas you don’t want to go for dye-based ink.

Dye-based inks don’t work well on canvas you usually want to try and get a pigment-based ink because those work much better on the canvas and it lasts much longer and it looks better so pigment-based are usually the preferred type for printing on canvas.

Now you may be thinking about resolution and it’s important for picking a printer yes or no? because the resolution is important for looking at clothes objects.

But usually when you print on canvas you’re gonna hang it somewhere and you’re gonna look at it from a far distance so having a really high resolution or having the tiniest difference in resolution.

It’s not really gonna make a difference because you’re gonna be looking at it from far away and you won’t even see the difference in resolution between.

For most printers, the better thing to be concerned about is the color quality the next question is gonna be how often are you willing to use this printer?

You can definitely go for one of the budget options now the difference between getting a high-end printer and a low-end printer is that

High-end printers

high-end printers are definitely gonna be much faster at printing and they will give you much better color quality mainly they will have very good blacks so usually cheap printers don’t have very in-depth blacks.

The blacks are usually a bit faded out so if you want very accurate black-and-white colors you’re definitely gonna try and go for a more high-end printer.

And if you want to be using this thing for a long time it’s definitely a better option to go for the high-quality ones because they will have more support and they are built to last long so make sure to know that all the product links are gonna be mentioned below.

Best All In One Printers for Home & Office

5.Canon Pixma Pro IP8720USB, WiFi, EthernetInkjetCheck
4.Epson Surecolor P800WiFi, USB, EthernetInkjetCheck
3.Epson Stylus Pro 3880WiFiInkjetCheck
2.Canon PIXMA PRO-10WiFi, EthernetInkjetCheck
1.Epson Artisan 1430
(Editor Choice)
WiFi, Mobile , USBInkjetCheck

5. Canon Pixma Pro IP8720

Source: Amazon

So coming at number five we have the Canon IP 8720 now this printer is gonna be your best budget option so first of all this printer uses pigment inks which are known to be best for printing on canvas.

Canvas Prints Size

It can also produce prints as large as 13 inches by 19 inches the color resolution is 9600 x 2400 dpi okay so now let’s talk about the main concern which is the ink it uses a six-color ink system.

So a cool feature with this printer is it does not use too much ink so if you are worried about printers that always use the ink so fast this is not one of them this uses ink very well it is extremely compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

You will not have any problems with the drivers it also uses a fine nozzle which makes sure that your prints are gonna come out and very high detail now what Canon promised is that they use Koroma life 100 plus.

So basically what they say is that when you print with this printer your photos are gonna be stored for up to 300 years so what that means is that their ink quality is very high and lasts for a very long time.

The only cons of this printer are that it is pretty loud and it does not come with an automatic document feeder so don’t expect a roller or option for the price of this thing.

The color quality is amazing you won’t expect anything like this at this price and it’s an amazing choice if you are starting out and you just want to get into your new hobby.

4. Epson Surecolor P800

Source: Amazon

Canvas Print Size

Now coming at number four we have the Epson short color p800 this is a great high-end option so this printer can print up to 17 inches by 22 inches which is very good so you can print large canvas prints using this printer.

It uses the recommended pigment-based inks and it also uses Epson’s ultra-chrome HD inks so what’s so amazing about this printer is it uses a three-level black ink technology and an advanced black and white mode for professional-level black and white prints.

So they have three different ink cartridges to make sure your black colors come out very good another cool thing about this printer is it uses a roll feeder so that’s gonna allow you to use roller based media.

I usually recommend going for bigger ink cartridges because they are usually cheaper so if you go for smaller ink cartridges you are usually paying for the ink cartridges themselves.

However, when you get the bigger ones you’re usually paying more for the ink so what’s cool about this printer is it uses eighteen milliliters in cartridges.

Now the optimal base temperature for using this thing is gonna be between 50 and 95 Fahrenheit which is gonna be 10 to 35 Celsius.

But don’t worry storage is not gonna be a problem you can store this printer from under minus 4 to 104 Fahrenheit which is minus 20 Celsius to 40 Celsius it also uses a touchscreen interface.


And it has two younger brother versions it has the short color p600 and the short color p400 those are also good options if you want to look into them you can use this printer through Wi-Fi USB or Ethernet.

Now the only thing to be aware of when buying this printer is to make sure you buy one that has a serial code that is meant to be used in your country.

Because what happened with other users from the United States is they port this printer and it wasn’t intended for use in the United States so when they had problems.

And they contacted support they told them no we do not support this thing because it’s not supported in the United States so make sure you buy this printer from a reputable source.

And make sure it is intended for use in your country that way you will get the full support that you deserve.

3. Epson Stylus Pro 3880

Source: Amazon

Coming at number three is gonna be the Epson Stylus Pro 3880 this is the best high-end option but it’s also the most expensive this printer will best be used in a business setting.

Canvas Print Size

So if you want to use this thing and sell your own canvas prints this is definitely a good option it is a big printer and it can print sizes up to 17 inches by 22 inches it is world-renowned for professional printing.

And it uses an advanced micro piezo AMC printhead by Epson the color quality on this printer is amazing so if you want your gallery quality colors this is gonna be an amazing option for you.

So this is definitely the best option for serious people who are looking for the best printer possible it prints fast and it has amazing print quality and it has many features that outshine the competition.

It has amazing black and quality and it uses industry-leading pigment ink technologies this thing is really designed without any compromise so if you are a professional and you want the best this is gonna have all the features you need.

The ink technology this thing uses is Epsilon’s ultra-chrome k3 with vivid magenta ink it also uses a Q photo hd2 technology and it has specialized support by an expert team at Epson this printer has no qualms whatsoever.

2. Canon PIXMA PRO-10

Source: Amazon

Coming at number two we have the Canon Pixma Pro 10 and in some countries is called the Pro 10’s.

This printer has two different versions there’s the Canon Pixma Pro 10 and there is the pro 100 they are both very good options however the pro 10 uses pigment-based inks and the pro 100 uses dye-based inks.

But you’re definitely gonna try and go for the pigment-based options because they work better for countless.

Canvas Print Size

This printer is the best high image range option so it can print up to 13 inches by 19 inches it has a 4800 dpi print resolution which is highly detailed and grain-free.

So this printer uses a combination of pigment-based inks and Koroma optimizer which adds uniform velocity mists and a wide color gamut for intense blacks so this will definitely satisfy.

The professionals that want very intense blacks so this thing reproduces extremely accurate colors and it is compatible with individual PGI 72 ink tanks you can replace the inks that run out.

So if you use one color dominantly you won’t need to swap out all the inks you can replace the color that you need that needs filling this is another printer that uses three dedicated monochrome inks for amazing black-and-white pictures.


This is gonna get me the best professional quality home-based printer if you definitely use this in a studio or if you’re an artist or a photographer this is definitely a good option for you.

You can also print photos directly from your smartphone using canons easy photo print and many people are using this printer to print on canvas and if you are interested in printing on CDs and DVDs this also has that option.

The best thing about this printer is the ink cartridges are very easy to refill from compliant inks and from refill markets so you could easily refill the ink cartridge itself without buying a whole new one which will definitely save you lots of money.

The best thing about this Canon printer is that Canon came up with an amazing solution for a wide known problem usually when artists try to print something it comes out different than it looks on the screen so Canon solved that problem.

It came up with this program called optimum Lightroom which helps the prints come out exactly as you see them on the screen without any tweaking.

So that means that you won’t be surprised after you print the thing and it looks different than it does on the screen it’s gonna look exactly like it looks on the screen.

1. Epson Artisan 1430

Source: Amazon

Coming at number one is gonna be the Epson Artisan 1430 this is your best mid-range option the reason this printer is on number one is that many different people use it to print on canvas so it’s extremely well known to print well on canvas.

Canvas Print Size

You could easily find many people that use this printer and for a very good reason it prints on canvas without many problems it can print photos up to 13 inches by 19 inches and the photos look stunning out of this printer.

It uses Epson inks that last a very long time and they are pigment-based inks it has a very nice and easy to use printer control panel and like all the other printers on this list.


You can print using wireless Wi-Fi Ethernet or USB and the Wi-Fi on this printer works flawlessly and it’s very easy to set up so this is gonna be the perfect option for home users.

And another cool thing about this printer is it comes with bundled Photoshop Elements and it gives magnificent color detail prints are water fade smudge and scratch-resistant so they usually don’t require any extra layers of protective spray after they are printed.

You could also use this printer to print onto CDs or DVDs directly so then you won’t need to use any stickers or labels the only cons of this printer is it is rather slow when printing high-resolution photos.

So if speed is very important for you then this won’t be the best option for you but other than that this is gonna be an amazing option and this printer also does not have a roll media option so this where cost is gonna print anything you need.

You’re gonna fall in love with the color quality and it’s never gonna fade and don’t worry about reaching the end of its lifecycle because it’s built extremely well and it should last you a long time without any issues.

And the nozzle heads don’t clog up as often as other printers so that it requires less maintenance and you’re gonna have fewer problems in the future.


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