3 Best Photo Printers For Mac


Hello, there today I’m gonna talk about the 3 best photo printers for mac. what’s most annoying is that these manufacturers don’t seem to mention whether these printers work with Mac or not.

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And I asked them which printers are gonna be the best photo printers for mac they gave me lots of options and. I read many many blogs about this and I found many questions of people asking which printers are gonna work for Mac.

Epson Expression Photo XP-960

Source: Amazon

The Epson Expression Photo XP-960 small and one wireless printer delivers professional-level printing and superior performance right to your doorstep.

The XP-960 produces ultra-high definition images with a photo lab quality, and you’ll get smooth gradations and remarkable skin tones with Epson 6 color claria photo HD inks individual ink cartridges make it convenient and affordable to replace only the color you need.

It delivers high quality at high-speed producing borderless 4×6 photos in as quickly as 11 seconds it even prints stunning wide format photos up to 11 by 17.

It’s creative tools include a dedicated photo tray a rear feed for specialty paper such as cardstock and envelopes and direct printing to CDs and DVDs.

It’s the ultimate in printing on the go with Epson Connect allowing you to print and share from anywhere using your iPhone iPad smartphone or tablet plus it supports Apple air print and Google Cloud Print.


The XP-960 features built-in Ethernet and Wireless with Wi-Fi direct so it’s simple to connect with every computer in your home.

Its convenient fold-over lid makes it quick and easy to scan your photos, and documents and with Epson’s creative print app you’ll print 4×6 photos from your Facebook account create your own greeting cards and stationery even produce coloring pages from your favorite photos.

The XP 960s automatic two-sided printing helps you save paper and it’s easy to use with its 4.3 inch touchscreen with gesture navigation.

The ultra powerful ultra versatile Epson expression photo X P 960 small in one delivers incredible image quality and high performance to help you make your best impression produce prints that impress and unleash your creativity wirelessly.

HP Envy 7640

Source: Amazon

With ease using the advanced features for photo and mobile device printing in HP’s premium home yo and one the HP Envy 7640.

The envy 7640 offers the easiest way to print from your smartphone or tablet and you can produce lab quality photos in three easy steps.

Snap print enjoy all from your mobile device and you’ll do it with confidence and without switching paper using the separate tray for 10 by 15 and 13 by 18 centimeter photo paper.


You’ll start printing quickly because setup is easy to use your mobile device in the HP all-in-one printer remote mobile app to register your new printer complete setup and connect to your local wireless network.

Walk up and easily print with just a touch from your NFC printing enabled smartphone or tablet connect to the internet wirelessly with broad mobile device connectivity or for added peace of mind use the built-in Ethernet port.

You’ll also experience savings with automatic two-sided printing and original HP high-yield ink cartridges in addition to printing high-quality photos and documents.

This full-featured a all-in-one will help your family accomplish more with a 25 page automatic document feeder memory card slots USB port and point nine centimeter touchscreen , and HP printables produce prints that impress unleash your creativity wirelessly.

It’s easy with the advanced features for photo and mobile device printing that you’ll find in HP’s premium home yoanne one.

The HP Envy 7640 Epsons workforce 100 is the lightweight wireless mobile printer for the professional on-the-go the workforce 100 is the world’s lightest and smallest mobile printer in its class.

It’s the ultimate import ability ready to print whether you’re with a client at the job site or on the road built-in wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi direct makes it easy to print from your iPhone iPad tablet smartphone or laptop.

The workforce 100’s flexible battery charging allows you to power up using a travel-friendly USB or an AC adapter so you’re always ready to print, and its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery brings you reliable cordless performance in a small package.

Its portability increases your productivity allowing you to print professional quality documents and even borderless 4×6 photos anywhere at anytime.


Its efficient engineering saves battery life with a convenient automatic power-off feature so you can be confident your printer is ready to work when you are in the workforce 100 is easy to use with a bright 1.4-inch color LCD.

Plus a convenient control panel for simple setup and operation it delivers professional-quality prints at fast speeds up to six point seven pages per minute in black and three point eight pages per minute in color.

Canon Pixma Pro-100

Source: Amazon

Canon Pixma all-in-one printers we are so excited because Canon has just announced four new Pixma Wireless all-in-one printers now with these printers you can print whatever you want whenever you want.

With ease they’re perfect for everyone from tech savvy gadget lovers to creative crafters to passionate image makers plus all your household printing needs these small sleek.

And sophisticated printers will also fit in with any home decor and speaking of that amber.

The first thing that I noticed about these printers is the size and shape absolutely you look at them and you know something’s different and that’s because we’ve taken them and made them more compact and more space-saving.

I love the white but you might have different decor in your home so you can pick what works for you best that is really great don’t tell me about these LCD screens they seem a little different they are.

Screen Size

We have three inches all the way up to a five inch wide screen which is the largest LCD screen we’ve ever had on a printer which is really cool yeah that’s the largest I’ve ever seen I’m gonna show you not only is it large but it’s really easy to use.

I’m gonna just tilt this up a bit and because I think this makes it really easy to work with it’s right here at eye level I’m gonna tap on print and then I’m going to tap on the SD card which I have already inserted right here.

It says print with creative filters and look at that my photo pops right up on that screen little large I can see exactly what it looks like now I’m going to tap that photo.

And look at that so we have so many creative filters that you can scroll through just with the top of your finger and decide which filter you like the best.

So what I think about creative filters? I think Instagram should do me a favor and grab one of those packages right there oh they’re square exactly square just like those Instagram photos.

So now we have done all the hard work for you you don’t have to trim down your paper you can print directly onto 5×5 square paper to make all those Instagram photos come to life.

Print Quality

Canon printers are really known to print great photos now I notice you have some beautiful color 8×10 yeah these borderless prints are just an example of some of the beautiful stuff you can do with these printers that are beautiful you know.

One of the things I really love as a crafter is I can print on my favorite cardstock so those thicker materials load them in print on them and you can get crafting.

Right away sounds amazing but it’s not just photos right no it’s not just photos of course you can get beautiful prints but if you go right here to the LCD screen a few taps and you’re able to also access a ton of different content as well you’re able to print that content right out from your printer.

And then access all this really cool stuff like coloring pages which I love you know it’s a craze right now it’s great for distressing at the end of a long workday graph paper for all those school assignments you can also get these number games which is really fun.


So these are Wi-Fi right they are all Wi-Fi and that’s because we all love our wireless devices so much we love our tablets our phones and so we wanted to make it really easy for you to print without being connected to a cord.

That is easy it kind of seems like anyone could do that Oh anyone you can do this trusts me you can do this and so here we have our print for my phone to a beautiful high-quality print in just seconds.


And if you’re somewhere in between we have plenty of other options to fit your needs well thank you so much amber oh thank you for having me this has been so much fun I’m so happy you were here to walk us through these new printers and all of their great capabilities go out and get yours today you.

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