5 Best G-Sync Monitors For Gaming


Hello, guys, and girls in this article we’re gonna check out the 5 Best G-Sync Monitors For Gaming I made this list based on my personal opinion and research.

When it comes to buying the right products there’s a lot to look out for that’s why today we’ve picked and reviewed the five best models for you and we’ve ranked them by many different factors such as price-quality durability performance and more.

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You can see their prices and find out more information by using the links below so don’t waste more time and get started.

5 Best G-Sync Monitors For Gaming

5.Acer Predator X2727 -inch27.06 lbsCheck
4.Dell S2417DG24 -inch13.40 lbsCheck
3.Alienware AW3420DW34 -inch34.52 lbsCheck
2.ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG27 -inch17 lbsCheck
1.LG 34GK950F34 -inch16.10 lbsCheck

5. Acer Predator X27

Source: Amazon

The Acer predator x27 is the most feature-rich package in the market so far and it’s worth stating that it’s very expensive.


And an absolutely premium monitor that’ll need you to have equally premium performance parts on your pc to unlock its full potential however if money is no issue for you then you’ll rejoice with this amazing g-sync ultimate 4k resolution quantum dot color display.

Coming into the design department the Acer predator x27 is simply excellent just flawless in any aspect.

The design is super clean and it has some aggressive angles that just enhance the looks of it not take away from anything.


My favorite part of the design is the aluminum basin stand that firstly looks perfect and it’s also very stable and acts as a great adjustability tool on top of that you get 100 by 100 feet of mound holes on the back.

If you want to opt for an aftermarket stand the bezels around the screen are super thin and look marvelous and the Acer predator x27 also comes with a shading hood to give you the best gaming solution in terms of connectivity.

You don’t get a lot of options but it is pretty much enough with a DisplayPort 1.4 and a 2.0 HDMI.

One of the biggest features of the Acer predator x27 is its adaptation of the au optronics panel that delivers 8.3 million pixels or 4k resolution to this 27-inch screen and on top of that, the refresh rate is 144 hertz.

The g-sync support is excellent as well and you won’t notice any screen tearing or lag and the four-millisecond response is perfect the hdr10 support just takes things to another level.

And I’m super impressed with anything here enjoying movies and tv shows with this display is simply excellent and you can’t argue with it and also with its 10-bit color with quantum dot technology managing to reproduce out 99 of the Adobe RGB and the DCI p3 color space.

There’s nothing you can compare this with the definite best coming at a premium price that’s worth it if you can afford it next up we have a model which gives you the best value for your money

4. Dell S2417DG

Source: Amazon

Number four Dell S2417DG when it comes to gaming monitors the combination of styling responsiveness g-sync capability and resolution of the Dell S2417DG wins many fans over with the Dell S2417DG.

These attributes have been carried over Into a smaller monitor with a lower price tag region-dependent and superior pixel density in addition to this the refresh rate has been boosted slightly from 144 to 165 hertz.

The monitor shares the understated aesthetics of its predecessor distancing itself from many more ostentatious gaming offerings.


The front features slender dual-stage bezels with a very slim hard outer component and slender panel border visible at the top and sides and just a sliver at the bottom the total bezel width including both components is around 6.5 millimeters or 0.26 inches at the top.

And sides slightly slimmer than the already felt bezels of the 27-inch model at the front of the monitor the bottom bezels are around 17 and a half millimeters or 0.69 inches including a sliver of panel border sloping diagonally downwards.

And backward slightly the base stand is matte silver plastic with black plastic used on the neck and semi-matte plastic used for the bottom bezel the screen surfaces light matte anti-glare as explored later.

The monitor uses a light matte anti-glare screen surface with a relatively smooth surface texture this is similar to the surface used on newer revisions of the s2716dg and provide superior clarity and vibrancy potential.

Compared to stronger matte screen surfaces such as that used on earlier s2716dg revisions and various other 144hz plus monitors so don’t let the dell 24 gaming monitor s2417dg fool you despite its business-like appearance.


It’s equipped with a high-resolution 24-inch panel that can be clocked up to 165 hertz to deliver outstanding fast-action gameplay and it uses Nvidia’s g-sync technology to eliminate screen tearing.

You can use one of three picture presets that are optimized for specific types of games and the ergonomic stand lets you position the screen for maximum comfort.

Next up we have the highest-end model that you can get your hands on it costs more than the rest but it does do its job extremely well.

3. Alienware AW3420DW

Source: Amazon

Number three Alienware AW3420DW the Alienware AW3420DW is a sign that ultra-wide monitors are starting to hit the mainstream its predecessor the Alienware AW3420DW is one of the best monitors we’ve ever reviewed.

Staying in our top picks for a very long time this probably won’t be surprising to anyone that knows Alienware.


But the AW3420DW is a lovely monitor it’s designed according to Alienware’s new legend design language much like the recent Alienware area 51m and 15m laptops, as well as the beautiful aurora r9 desktop ports, are protected by a little shield.

That’s easy enough to slide in and out of place you’ll find power HDMI and display port on the right-hand side of the stand and on the opposite end two USB ports along with a special USB port to connect the monitor to your pc for lighting control.

It also enables the rest of the USB ports on the monitor the Alienware AW3420DW looks fantastic and there’s no way around that no matter what kind of content we have on the screen.

Whether work or play this monitor simply excels in playing the two kernels expansion of a metro exodus we’re blown away by the simultaneous handling of both bright fire effects and the awesome black levels.

And in a game that’s the complete opposite in terms of tone and color palette b simulator looked amazing with all its bright colors and fluid movement no matter what game we pull up on this monitor it looks amazing.


The Alienware AW3420DW is one of the best gaming monitors out there thanks to its high-resolution unbelievable color accuracy and excellent design before we talk about the best model overall let’s look at the runner-up for this list

This monitor will be a major boon if you’re looking to get some extra work done when you’re not gaming the ultra-wide resolution means we’re able to fit two large browser windows and slack without ever having to alt-tab.

It’s a huge time saver and at this point, we recommend an ultra-wide monitor to pretty much anyone that has to get work done at their computer.

2. ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG

Source: Amazon

Number two ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG the ELITE XG270QG feels like it’s designed to be a gaming display for adults the subtle trapezoidal stand makes it clear it isn’t just about business but an all-black finish with clean lines ensures.

No one’s going to confuse it with a ufo the stand is a bit deeper than I’d like so watch out if you have a shallow desk the stand does, however, allow for height tilt and swivel adjustments all the way to portrait mode.


If that’s your thing the frameless bezel keeps the edges sleek and the built-in cable management panel is a nice touch.

If you want to keep the rear end neat and tidy the I o provides one DisplayPort 1.2 port and one HDMI 1.4 port along with three USB ports and audio out.

I’m a little surprised that it only includes two video ports given the price but most users probably won’t use more than one anyway it does come with optional focus panels for the sides and a little headphone hook that flips out on the left neither are crucial.


But they’re niceties that help make the monitor feel more premium if you’re a fan of ips displays theXG270QG should be on your shortlist 1440p at 165 hertz is a perfect sweet spot with great response time.

And built-in g-sync to boot its black levels aren’t very deep and it’s a bit more expensive but it’s still a killer display for any high-end gaming setup.

Finally the next model is the best overall from us it gets a perfect score in all categories.

1. LG 34GK950F

Source: Amazon

Number one LG 34GK950F for those that are looking for the best g-sync monitor you should definitely check out the LG 34GK950F.

But this monitor is not just an attractive deal with a large screen space as it has amazing color accuracy and reproduction.

And for gaming it has Radeon free sync 2 compatibilities out of the box it’s also curved and as HDMI support making itself one of the most versatile monitors in the market.


One of the biggest selling points of the LG 34GK950F is its exceptional design that’s very clean and gorgeous it has some very slim bezels around its screen and has an 1800 r curve radius on its widescreen.

The base has a wide v-shape that attaches to the stand that delivers great ergonomics so you can adjust it to your liking the most interesting design trick of this monitor rests on its back panel with its ultra gear branding with a red ring around it.

And the cable management system even though it’s constructed by plastic this monitor rocks a great build quality and it’s solid overall in the connectivity department.


The LG 34GK950F is generous as it includes a display port two HDMI ports a pair of USB 3.0 ports and a headphone jack to complete the package the LG34GK950F boasts a 34-inch curved nano in-plane switching panel with a resolution of 3440×1440.

And a whopping 98 coverage of the DCI p3 color gamut which results in 135 percent of the srgb color space on top of that it supports hdr viewing experience with the supported content so you get amazing brightness and contrast combined with a good local dimming system.

The LG 34GK950F has an input lag of about four milliseconds and a response time of about five milliseconds combined with its 144hz refresh rate the free sync 2 feature works with both an Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Consider Things Before Buying A G-sync Gaming Monitor

Delivering a perfect gaming experience buying guide firstly resolution for the best picture more pixels are better but when gaming those pixels can also slow you down.

If you don’t have a beefy enough graphics card most video interfaces don’t support refresh rates faster than 60 hertz for 4k UHD or 5k signals that are starting to change for a premium but you still need a very expensive graphics card to play at 4k.

Graphics Card

And push past 60 frames per second fps our Nvidia GeForce gtx titan x barely managed it even with game detail levels down minimum graphics card requirements vary based on the game.

But if you plan on buying a monitor for gaming at qhd resolution and don’t want to have to turn the in-game settings down too low you’ll want at least a gtx 1060 or RX 580.

Secondly, g-sync or free sync gaming monitors usually have Nvidia g-sync for pcs with Nvidia graphics cards and or AMD free sync for running with pcs using AMD graphics cards both features reduce screen tearing and stuttering.


And add to the price tag although g-sync monitors usually cost more than free sync ones another thing to keep in mind is that g-sync relies on DisplayPort while free sync works with both HDMI and DisplayPort regardless.

If your budget only has room for a low to mid-speed graphics card you’ll certainly want to monitor with either g-sync or freesync that works at a low minimum refresh rate.

Refresh Rate

And thirdly refresh rate and response time refresh rate is how many times per second your computer refreshes the image on screen those monitors have a 60-hertz refresh rate which means a new image is generated 60 times per second faster.

Refresh rates reduce motion blur so the higher the number the smoother your picture will be.

If you’re a gamer look for a refresh rate of 144hz or faster measured in milliseconds response time refers to how long it takes for a pixel to change its color or essentially how fast the screen can change its image super-fast response times.

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Such as two milliseconds or less reduce ghosting a faint trail left on the screen from a previous image and blur in fast-moving movies and games.

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