5 Best Budget Gaming Monitors 144hz


Today we’re gonna check out the Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Monitors 144Hz I made this list based on my personal opinion and I try to list them based on their price-quality durability and more.

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To find out more information about these budget gaming monitors that have a 144hz refresh rate you can check out the below.

Best Budget Gaming Monitors 144hz

5.Dell S-Series 2727 -inch10.06 lbsCheck
4.BenQ ZOWIE XL243024 -inch15.43 lbsCheck
3.Acer XF240H24 -inch14.00 lbsCheck
2.ViewSonic XG240224 -inch14.80 lbsCheck
1.AOC 27G227 -inch15.92 lbsCheck

The Dell S-Series 27 gaming monitors are essential for your gaming prowess especially for competitive gaming where everything counts and even for casual gaming it’s still important.

However, most of these monitors are very expensive and are unattainable for most of us and some great options deliver amazing value for their budget price and I’ve compiled an excellent list for you.

5. Dell S-Series 27

Source: Amazon

First of all, there’s the Dell S-Series 27 a great monitor from the manufacturer It produced for the mid-range market however its price has dropped and now it’s in the budget range but delivers excellent features at this price.

It comes with 1440p resolution 155-hertz refresh rate nice 27-inch size AMD freesync support fast response times and tons of other gaming-focused features that will make this monitor a dream come true.


The design of this monitor resembles that of a nice cutting-edge office monitor it has very thin bezels on the sides and top measuring just 0.25 inches beside the aesthetic factor.

This monitor is perfect for jewel or multi-monitor setups the bottom band is about half an inch thick and the overall design of this monitor is simple yet amazing.

At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that this monitor is very adjustable delivering amazing ergonomic settings and it’s extremely durable thanks to its quality construction.


In terms of ports of connectivity, this monitor has some good options available coming with the DisplayPort to HDMI ports one of which is 2.0 and the other 1.4 an upstream USB 3.0 for downstream 3.0 and the 3.5-millimeter audio jack and a line out jack to complete the package.

The controls of the device are located on the right-hand side and consist of six buttons that allow you to control the OSD.

The Dell S-series 27 utilizes a 27-inch twisted nematic panel with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 delivering a great pixel density of 109 pixels per inch which means it’s extremely sharp.

4. BenQ ZOWIE XL2430

Source: Amazon

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2430 for those that are into competitive gaming and search for an affordable monitor that will deliver plenty of performance for their needs.


The BenQ ZOWIE XL2430 is the perfect option and it’s a monitor solely designed for gamers with its 144 Hertz refresh rate 1 millisecond pixel response time and tons of controls to deliver the best gaming experience possible.

If it wasn’t for its brand new S which you could mistake this monitor for a normal office monitor thanks to its unassuming design it rocks an all-black finish with a nice stand and base it looks great.

And it won’t look out of place in a wide range of room designs on top of all this the stand and the base offer plenty of adjustability and stability including height tilt and swivel.

And in addition to that, you also get 100 by 100 feet surmount holes for wall mounting or aftermarket stands for side by side dual monitor setups this is not the best monitor since it has thick bezels on site.


In terms of ports, it has some good options including a DisplayPort dual-link DVI D 2 HDMI ports and 3.5-millimeter audio jack to top it off the controls of the device are located on the left-hand side and they deliver a great number of settings for gaming on top of that.

You also have the S switch which allows you to quickly switch between presets and it’s one of the most useful things for a professional gamer the BenQ EXO 2430 comes with a 24 inch twisted nematic panel with a resolution of 1080p.

On top of that this monitor delivers plenty of interesting features for FPS gamers such as the strobe function of backlighting for bursting the frame rates and reducing changes in frame rates.

It has a native refresh rate of 144 Hertz and a greater gray response time of one millisecond and considering everything this is the best budget monitor for competitive gaming.

3. Acer XF240H

Source: Amazon

Acer XF240H most of the budget buyers want to get their money’s worth from their buys however it’s a little difficult to achieve that in the budget range.

Fortunately, there’s the Acer XF240H which delivers the most value for its price with its amazing brightness high refresh rate gaming-focused features an amazing ergonomic stand Nvidia g-sync compatibility, and many more.


If you want the most bang for your buck it doesn’t get better than this. Design-wise the Acer XF240H is not your classic gaming monitor with sharp angles and colorful details.

However, this monitor comes as a simplistic package with its all-black design except for the ring around the base which has a red color it’s nice to see a bit of flair just the right amount the bezels around the screen are pretty thin.

And overall I can say that this monitor is designed solidly speaking of our being solid this device is extremely durable also, conveys stunning ergonomic customizability including tallness tilt and some more.

it merits referencing that the thin bezels around the screen settle on it a strong decision for double screen formats


In terms of connectivity in ports, this monitor is not the richest since it has just a display port a DVI and HDMI port, and two USB ports but for its ultra-low price, this is more than enough.

Also on the back, you’ll spot 100 by 100 visa mount holes allowing for wall mounting or aftermarket stands the Acer XF240H is equipped with a 24 inch twisted nematic panel with a 1080p resolution which isn’t sharpest but for its size and purpose it’s great.

It boasts a high peak brightness achieving 315 it’s maximum and a native contrast at a thousand-to-one delivering pitch-perfect blacks for gaming it also delivers a refresh rate of 144 Hertz and a response time of just one millisecond.

It’s also packed with the Nvidia g-sync feature so if you have an Nvidia graphics unit the gameplay will be priceless and ultra-smooth the input lag was about 6 milliseconds and it makes for a solid option even for professional gaming which has no room for error.

2. ViewSonic XG2402

Source: Amazon

ViewSonic XG2402 Viewsonic may not be a household name in gaming circles however it’s starting to make quite a name for itself with some amazing monitors that are in the pod range but deliver excellent performances.

This 24-inch monitor has a great one-millisecond pixel response rate a high refresh rate AMD freesync for tear-free gaming tons of gaming presets an amazing ergonomic stand a gaming-centric design and plenty of other features to make it a fan favorite.


In terms of design, the few sonic XG 2 402 looks pretty simple on the front side however when you look at it from the side you see that it’s rather gaming-focused with its sharp angles and geometric shapes in bright red color.

Those accents continue into the stand as well and a red line going along the length of the stand and on the base, we see the HD branding with red and white the bezels on this screen are not the slimmest and a focus to keep out the glare.

However, the construction is pretty stable and Stan delivers excellent ergonomics allowing you to get the best setup according to your needs.


In terms of connectivity, this monitor doesn’t have rich options but they are excellent since it includes two HDMI ports a DisplayPort, and two USB ports to complete its package.

On the right-hand side of the monitor, you’ll find the controls of the on-screen display and you’ll find plenty of settings over there to adjust the image to suit your needs and preferences.

You’ll also find a large number of gamers presets that are perfect for their intended purposes the monitor also allows you to adjust the black stabilizer settings and blue light filter settings.

The few ViewSonic XG2402 utilizes a 24 inch twisted nematic panel that’s excellent for keeping the costs low and delivering fast response times.

This monitor has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 and can achieve a maximum brightness of 350 nits and on top of the display, you have a matte anti-glare coating it has a refresh rate of 144 Hertz and it has an input lag of nine milliseconds which is great.

I found it was excellent at handling motion without any blur and no ghosting at all with AMD free sync enabled.

1. AOC 27G2

Source: Amazon

The AOC 27G2 just like the previous entry we have another, not well-known brand coming in to sweep the budget market with its amazing monitor that delivers perfect value for its price.

The AOC 27G2 to this monitor delivers great performances comparable to high-end models sometimes equalling their performances with its great resolution.


Super low response time great fresh rate AMD freesync feature beautiful design low input lag and tons of adjustable settings resulting in an ultra attractive monitor.

In the first impression, this monitor doesn’t look that it’s in the budget range thanks to its ultra-slim bezels on the solids.

And top it has a little gaming-centric design with some striking red accents but everything is very well implemented even the bottom band that slightly thicker is great with the AOC logo in the middle.

The AOC 27G2 has an all matte dark completion on its body aside from the red accents and on the screen, it has an enemy of glare covering on the stand and the base conveys magnificent strength and durability to the Monitor.

And on top of that, it offers plenty of adjusting abilities including height pivot swivel and tilt and the 100 by 100 visa mount holes the cable management hole in the connectivity department.


This monitor has some good options including two HDMI ports a display port a VGA and a headphone jack to wrap it up.

It’s nice to see a USB port for charging devices and it’s acceptable though at this price and performance this amazing monitor rocks a 27-inch in-plane switching panel with a Full HD resolution of 1080p.

The maximum brightness of 300 nits a native contrast at a thousand-to-one and an 8-bit color depth for an extra vivid appearance to my surprise.

It managed to reproduce 126 percent of the srgb color guide to deliver ultra pleasing results for its amazing gaming prowess it has a hundred and forty-four Hertz refresh rate with a pixel response rate of one millisecond.

And on top of that, it has free sync and motion blur reduction technology that delivers a perfect gaming experience without any screen tear and at this price, you can’t find anything better than this monitor a perfect job from AOC.


Thanks for reading I hope you liked the content if you found it helpful please remember to leave a like and share to this your friends and family if you have any questions related to these products you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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