Best 4K Gaming Monitors For Xbox One X


Hello, folks today we’re gonna talk about some of the best 4K gaming monitors for Xbox one x whether you’re in a dorm or don’t have room for a big TV console gaming on a monitor is excellent.

The second option like any technology not all monitors are built equal and they each have very different specifications that depend on your usage.

So luckily the Xbox one x can take benefit of many of the recent PC gaming technologies that include free sync VRR and some games that support a 1440p resolution so many of the most reliable monitors for PC gaming are also excellent for gaming on the Xbox One x.

Once we lined up a list of each one that we think will be the best this year so check out below for more information and the latest pricing.

TOP 6 Best 4k Gaming Monitors For Xbox One X

6.Dell S2719DGF27-inch13.34 lbsCheck
5.ASUS VG279Q27-inch12.30 lbsCheck
4.LG 27GL850-B27-inch14.11 lbsCheck
3.Acer Nitro XV27327-inch19.41 lbsCheck
2.BENQ EW3270U32-inch0.26 ounCheck
1.LG 27UK650-W27-inch13.70 lbsCheck

6. Dell S2719DGF
(Best Overall Monitor For Gamers)

Source: Amazon

The Dell S2719DGF, this 27-inch 16 to 9 ratio 155 Hertz free sync monitor of Dell is created with multiple characteristics that aim to present gamers with a better gaming experience.

It supports AMD freesync which syncs to your displays refresh rate with your graphic cards framerate output to lessen screens herring ghostwriting and stuttering also it can reach up to a 155-hertz refresh rate when overclocked.

And has a 1ms response time combined with these features they will present you with a stable gaming encounter as long as your graphic card is competent?

Specs-wise is decorated with 2560 by 1440 wqhd resolution a 350 CD / m2 illumination rating a 1000 to one statistic contrast ratio and support for sixteen point seven million colors for crisp and clear details with bright colors.

Connected to your system through HDMI or a DisplayPort and adjust it freely to suit your viewing preference otherwise you can install the arbitrary ves a mount a stand or arm by using the mounting holes on the back for your comfort.

This monitor also has built-in USB hubs that can be used immediately for connecting USB peripherals and devices with ease.

5. ASUS VG279Q
(Best 144Hz FHD Display Gaming Monitor)

Source: Amazon

The ASUS VG279Q is 27 inches and another 16 to 9 ratio with 144 Hertz and it’s a free sync IPS monitor from Asus that’s made with many gaming-friendly features to present you with a great gaming experience.

These characteristics include AMD freesync support a fast one ms acknowledgment time and a 144-hertz refresh rate since it’s made with an in-plane switching panel and this monitor offers bright colors and a wide 178-degree viewing angle.

Specs-wise it’s decorated within 1920 by 1080 Full HD resolution a 1000 to one static contrast ratio a 400 cv / m2 illumination rating and support for sixteen point seven million colors.

You can easily adjust it to fit your viewing preferences with an extraordinary 144-hertz refresh rate that has fast-moving visuals that pose no difficulty for this guy here, there’s no frustrating lag so you get the upper hand in first-person shooters racers real-time strategy.

And supports titles are designed particularly for long gaming sessions and its ergonomic stand allows you to adjust the tilt swivel pivot and the height of the monitor so you can always find the perfect viewing position.

4. LG 27GL850-B
(Nvidia g-sync Compatibility Monitor)

Source: Amazon

The LG 27GL850-B, it’s also 27 inches with a 16 to 9 ratio of 144 Hertz in HDR free sync and it’s also created with Nano IPS technology that highlights 98% DCI p3 color space coverage and a low 1ms response time as a gaming-focused monitor.

It’s also provided with many helpful bonuses such as a fast 144 Hertz refresh rate AMD freesync support and Nvidia g-sync compatibility.

Specs-wise it’s decorated with 2560 by 1440 qHD resolution a 1000 to 1 static contrast ratio a 350 CD / m2 illumination rating and support for up to 1.7 billion colors.

Connect it to your system through HDMI or a display port and adjust its handy stand to best fit your viewing choice users can also install an arbitrary ves a mount a stand or an arm if required.

Unfortunately like almost all IPS monitors it doesn’t look good in a dark room it’s got a pretty disappointing contrast ratio and poor black uniformity.

3. Acer Nitro XV273
(Best Gaming Performance Monitor)

Source: Amazon

The Acer Nitro XV273, it’s also 27 inches but this has a decent reflection and handling and it’s got great response time and input lag when performing at 60 Hertz and it supports a variable refresh rate for nearly tear-free gaming action.

There’s almost no dirty screen effect and while black uniformity is decent. Its contrast ratio is rather low so blacks will either look more grey in dark places and its built quality and ergonomics are equally reliable providing for all manner of adjustments.

It’s got a backlight with no flicker to assist with ice drains furthermore this monitor has built-in speakers so you can utilize it as a TV if you don’t have room for a dedicated desktop speed if you don’t have room for dedicated desktop speakers on the whole.

Although the Xbox one x can’t completely take the benefit of the full 240 Hertz refresh rate.

The Acer is still great with exceptional gaming performance which makes it the best monitor.

2. BENQ EW3270U
(Best Freesync Gaming Monitor)

Source: Amazon

for the Xbox one x that we’ve tested, you better engage yourself with your multimedia content with the EW3270U video enjoyment 31 and a half-inch 16 to 9 ratio 4k HDR LCD monitor from BENQ.

It can deliver deeper blacks for a better darkroom display and the larger screen enables you to see more of your game.

And supports free sync VRR and the input lag is low and the response time is pretty good but there’s no black time insertion feature to reduce motion blur, unfortunately, it doesn’t get very bright and it has bad ergonomics but it has good out the box color accuracy.

It has an excellent SDR color gamut, this Bank you monitor can also highlight a 3840 by 2160 UHD 4k resolution a 3,000 to 1 contrast ratio a 300 CDM / m2 illumination rating, and support for over 1.7 billion colors that generate a clear picture despite the content being viewed the setup is simple.

And it comes with both HDMI and a display port along with a headphone jack.

1. LG 27UK650-W
(Best 4k Gaming Monitor for Xbox One x)

Source: Amazon

We got the LG 27UK650-W, this is a great monitor with a natural refresh rate of 60 Hertz which is ideal for console gaming and supports free sync VRR to lessen screen tearing on the Xbox One, Xbox 1s, or x.

Its input is really low even with the VRR enabled ensuring you get responsive gaming encounters is 4k resolution enables you to see more details in your games.

And it’s grayed out the box with color efficiency so you don’t need to get it calibrated if you don’t want to it’s got broad viewing angles if you want a game with your buddy.

And it can get bright enough to fight glare in most rooms sadly it doesn’t have many extra traits like adding a crosshair or built-in speakers although it supports HD RF.

It fails to display broad color and doesn’t get very bright in that mode either way it’s got two HDMI 2.0 imports in a display 1.2 input so you can’t connect your Xbox and workstation at the same time.

Overall this monitor produces great picture quality with good gaming performance which makes it the best 4k gaming monitors for the Xbox one x.


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