How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack?


If you have a headset with a separate microphone and also a headset connector with it, that creates many hassles because of much wiring, and if you are a gamer so it makes a bad impact on your gaming experience, so being overcome this issue.

Today, I am gonna share many helpful solutions and also the question you asked: How to use a headset mic on a PC with one jack? The answer you will get down below, so must read the full article to get awareness about it in depth.

A Guide to Using Single Jack Headset With PC Without Splitter

Most audiophiles and gamers choose wireless or Bluetooth headset nowadays, the headset provides superb quality with a mic remains unparalleled. Important for gamers, headsets attached to a microphone with only a single jack can increase the full gaming experience.   

Research told that most people love to go with headphones, and a headset is the main thing to complete your desktop, whether you are using it for gaming or for other things. Because the headset delivers sound directly to your ear and blocks the surrounding sounds easily. 

The microphones and earphones play the same working role and they are valued and favored over speakers because they do a great job. Some earphones work as microphones but not all. Earphones should be of better quality so they can support both microphones and earphones. On the other hand, a microphone can’t work as a better speaker.

Single Jack Headset Mic on PC – How to Use?

If your desktop or laptop PC just provides one audio jack and your headphones offer two, the simplest thing to go with an adapter. These are short cables or boxes that help you to convert your dual cable solution into one that fits into a 3.5mm single headset jack. 

Occasionally said as Y-Splitters, these adapters are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs, also with another device that offers a single audio jack. Due to this, you can simply use your headphone mic on PC, without purchasing an extra headset just for that PC.

There are various options available, plus some that convert your twin connectors into USB-C, and different 3.5mm choice depends on the need for connection.

Some designers offer various layouts for the connections on a 3.5mm audio jack. If this happens, ensure that whether your device offers OMTP or CTIA specifications before purchasing and buy a compatible one.

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Difference between Dual and Single Jack Headsets. 

The basic difference between dual and single jack headsets is their simple usability. A single jack headset is manufactured for compatibility with devices that just offer a single port, offering them simple to use with those devices. They also offer minimum cabling, and for building them much comfort and portable—an absolute solution for the latest smartphones, tablets, and slimline laptops.

Dual jack headsets provide a bit more versatility, in which you can attach an external microphone to the exact device alternatively of the built-in one, or moreover, you can connect your microphone from various devices to the headsets, just as an external sound card or recorder.

How can headset/ Microphones work?

The criteria in which headphones/ microphones work is vibrating diaphragms. The criteria offer to convert sound into electrical energy and then transform it to sound energy back. At this stage, you can simply speak and record your microphone. 

Headsets With a Mic With One Jack – Why more popular?

Dual-jack headphones including a mic would need you to connect the mic to the mic input and the headsets to the headsets’ input; many connections and wires, so these wires can distract you during gaming sessions. That’s why single-jack headphones are simpler to connect without facing wire issues than facing issues on dual-jack headphones.

Wired over-the-ear headphones including a mic with one jack are a great choice for gamers. They are absolutely provided to hit a balance between the gaming sounds and your voice while in audio chat. Moreover, they are very comfortable for a long period of time.

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Factors to choose the type with only one jack

If you are playing without headphones, you may be facing trouble during play games with your friends. While communicating with friends, you do chat by keyboard which is taking too much time. Don’t depend on your computer’s headphones because it’s not powerful to pick your voice, and also it picks different sounds around you like the room’s fan or PC’s fan. 

To get rid of this issue, you should use a wired headset including a microphone for a better gaming experience and this headphone easily maintains a balance between your game sound and voice chat. Here are some important reasons for offering headsets. 

1. Pleasing Sound

Obviously, the most important thing for gamers is the best sound quality. So, these headphones offer a superb sound when inserted into a single audio port. But they can’t give a good performance when plugged in conventional dual jack input.  

2. Reduce wire usage to your PC

Past headsets generate a hearing of irritating surroundings, and they offer two wires one for mic input and the other for headset input. Many connections offer many wires and it gets irritating sometimes. Moreover, the headphone which is designed for one-jack audio input offers a minimum number of wires. 

3. TS, TRs, and TRRS

These headsets offer three types of support. 

TS: The headsets which can’t support a microphone and stereo sound, they offer mono sound.  

TRS: These headsets can’t provide microphone sound but provided stereo sound very fairly. Due to this it can offer you to listen to other gamers’ sounds but can’t reply to them via the microphone. 

TRRS: These are acceptable and wanted headphones that offer both microphone and stereo sound. These headsets are compatible with PC, smartphones, and laptops. Apart from this, it offers the convenient feature of being connected with a single jack on your PC, it provides compatibility and secure space when connected with a laptop. 

4. Innovative device

The single jack headphones or PC that provided a single audio port are remarkable development in the latest technological platform.  The TRRS jack generates a lower impedance signal and offers an impressive signal to voice ratio.

Headphones jack – Types

Here are the two different types of headphone jacks. 

5mm audio jack

This jack is most popular as compared to all other jacks. It’s; located in smartphones, laptops, tablets, DVD players, iPods, and many other devices. Moreover, it’s recognized as a mini-phone connector. 

5mm headphone jack

It is the biggest headphone jack located in headphones including a mic with one plug-in. This is a standard connector for high-quality headsets. They are designed for home stereo systems and smartphones. 

Because they are larger in size, they are generally utilized in musical instruments for great performance. 


Overall, the latest PCs offer single jack connectivity, but if you have an old PC, don’t take tension because I gave you many solutions in this article. You can easily be plugged in and without facing any issue, you can enjoy it more.

Or, if you are a gamer, you don’t need to buy a splitter separately to connect the headset, because most gaming headsets offer one jack, which gets rid of the wiring issues and provides great sound with a superb gaming experience.


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