How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking


Laptop computers are extremely delicate electronic devices, and if they are not handled with care, they can easily be damaged or destroyed. Laptop hinges becoming loose or breaking over time is one of the most common problems encountered by laptop owners. Thus, let us examine why laptop hinges break and How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking.

However, Most laptop hinge failures are caused by being dropped or struck by an object that is too powerful. Because of the poor quality of the hinges, your laptop’s lid hinges can break if you use too much force to open them. After a period of time, hinges become brittle and break.

Laptops become completely useless when the hinges fail on them. To avoid laptop hinges cracking, you need to know how to open the laptop’s lid and use it properly.

In this article, I’ll go over some of the reasons why laptop hinges break, as well as many tips on How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking in the long term. But if the hinges are broken or cannot be adjusted, you will need to buy a replacement.

Factors That Lead to Laptop Hinges Breaking

To figure out why your laptop hinges are broken, consider the following:

Material of Low Quality

Poor quality material is one of the most common causes of laptop hinge damage. Budget laptops are typically constructed of low-cost plastic, and the hinges are also constructed of low-cost plastic. As a result, they are not able to withstand excessive pressure.

The long-term ramifications of this can be disastrous. If the hinges are not durable, small accidents or shocks can completely destroy them.

Most premium laptop hinges are more durable than cheap laptop hinges, so the risk of damage is reduced. If your laptop’s hinges have failed and you’re considering purchasing a replacement, be sure to check the durability before purchasing. 

Dropping your laptop while it’s running

One of the most common causes of laptop hinge failure is this. When you drop your laptop, the force is applied to the hinges, which are susceptible to snapping.

Source: t3

So, if you’re moving around, make sure you hold on to your laptop tightly or be extra cautious.

Laptop Lid With Too Much Pressure

Another cause of broken hinges is putting too much pressure on the laptop lid. It is not at all a good practice. Many people place books or other heavy items on their laptop lids, which can cause the hinges to break.

Furthermore, applying too much pressure while closing the laptop screen may cause damage to the screen and hinges. Additionally, if you attempt to close your laptop screen while objects remain above the keyboard, you risk damaging the laptop hinge.

Although placing lightweight items on the laptop lid poses little difficulty in premium laptops with high-quality hinges, cheap plastic hinges can easily break in light-medium weight laptops as well.

Damage to the hinges

Impacts and collisions can also cause damage to the hinges on laptops. When a laptop collides with something, the corner (hinge) of the laptop is more likely to be involved in the collision. As a result, it will break if it falls on a hard surface, such as your bed.

Also, if a laptop is hit by a heavy object, such as a rock or a heavy book, it can be damaged. Heavy objects can damage laptop hinges by forcing them to hold on. Even if your laptop is thrown off the bed, its entire weight is supported by the hinges, which gradually deteriorate and eventually break.

Therefore, handle your laptop with care to ensure that it remains in good condition and durable.

Opening the laptop in the incorrect manner

The majority of laptop hinges are damaged because laptops are opened through the screen’s corner, which is the incorrect way to do so. The laptop will have a one-sided load on one of the hinges if you open it that way. As a result, the hinges on your laptop will become brittle and may break at any time.

Source: t3

When it comes to opening a laptop’s lid, another mistake that people make is using too much force. This should be avoided at all costs, and your laptop should be handled with caution.

Additionally, some individuals bend the lid excessively. Some users bend the lid to such an extreme that the hinges and lid snap. 

Laptop is smashed

The hinge on a slammed laptop can also be damaged. The hinges will break or break if the laptop slams and hits them. Not only are the hinges harmed, but other components such as the screen and hard disc drive are also harmed.

You’ll need to replace the damaged components if it’s been slammed. Make sure the laptop isn’t slammed when you place it or store it.

Children should not have access to laptops because they can cause the laptop to fall and slam. Keep it in a cool, dry location to extend the life of your laptop. 

A heavy object struck a laptop

When a laptop is struck by a heavy object, the laptop’s hinge is forced to hold on, causing the laptop’s hinge to break. It usually occurs when the laptop is overloaded with books.

Another factor that can contribute to this is when you’re carrying a laptop in a backpack with a lot of books in it.

Take care of your laptop and handle it carefully to ensure that it remains in good condition and durable.

How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking

How to keep your laptop’s hinges from snapping. Use these tips to keep your laptop hinges strong and healthy so they can last as long as possible.

Utilizing a properly cushioned laptop backpack

A laptop backpack not only makes it easier to carry your laptop, but it also protects it from accidental drops and impacts. When closed, a laptop backpack will protect your device. As a result, it’s a good idea to spend a few dollars on a good backpack.

People frequently use laptop backpacks that are too big for their laptops. However, you should avoid purchasing a laptop backpack that is too loose. Because when you carry your laptop in an oversized backpack, it will move around during transport, potentially damaging or breaking the hinges.

As a result, to avoid laptop hinges breaking, you should choose a thickly padded laptop backpack. A properly sized backpack will provide more protection for your laptop than a loose bag. 

Avoid low-quality construction

First and foremost, you must exercise caution when purchasing a laptop. Then examine the materials used in the construction of your laptop, particularly the hinge material.

Many low-cost laptops have shoddy construction that breaks under mild mechanical stress. If you already have a device like this, make sure you keep it fixed and don’t move it around.

Furthermore, if you have a low-quality laptop and need to take it to work on a regular basis, you run the risk of damaging it.

So, when buying a laptop, pay more attention to the quality and spend a little more money to get a dependable device.

Purchase a long-lasting laptop

To prevent laptop hinges from breaking, you must first determine what causes them to fail. The build quality of low-cost laptops is deplorable. The majority of them are made of low-cost plastic. As a result, hinges are prone to breaking after a few years of use.

If you have a laptop with the poor build quality, I would not recommend moving it around. If you carry it on a daily basis, the hinges or other parts may break. Additionally, you should use caution when opening and closing the lid.

Source: CNet

However, in my opinion, buying a new laptop with a solid build quality will be the best option for you. Gaming and premium laptops are typically made of heavier materials, making them more durable than budget laptops. Furthermore, if you buy a sturdy laptop, you can take it to school, college, or the office with you

Ensure that your laptop is properly closed

If you visit a university campus, you will notice a large number of students rushing around with their laptops! They would sometimes leave things between their screen and keyboard and close the lid. One of the most common causes of hinge damage is this. Because laptops are delicate and costly to replace, hurrying when closing the lid is not a good idea. It’s always a good idea to double-check that there’s nothing between the two. 

When you’re traveling

You must take care of your laptop when traveling with it. If you’re traveling long distances, keep your laptop safe by putting it in a protective case before putting it in your carry-on bag. This will protect your laptop’s hinges from damage. 

Keep your laptop in good shape

Maintaining your laptop, like any other electronic, is critical. Make sure you clean it and maintain it properly on a regular basis. The way a laptop is treated has a big impact on its performance. As a result, take care when using it and treat your laptop gently.

Source: pxhere

When it comes to laptop hinges, how long do they last?

The longevity of a laptop hinge is largely determined by how the user treats it and how well it is constructed. Once upon a time, hinges would break after a year or two. Laptop manufacturers are designing and constructing their laptops with durable materials as technology and innovation continue to advance.

The hinges on your laptop should last between four and five years if you take good care of it. Also, it’s rare to see people who have had a laptop for more than a decade and the hinges are still in good shape. This is due to the fact that they take good care of their laptop.

Fixing a Laptop Hinge that’s Broken

What if you wait until it’s too late and your hinge has already been compromised? They are typically repairable, but this depends on the laptop model and the accessibility of replacement components.

If your laptop’s hinges start to feel loose but haven’t yet snapped, consider yourself lucky. To secure the metal hinges to the plastic body, only a small amount of epoxy glue is usually required.

  1. Disconnect the power supply and batteries from your laptop. Unplug your laptop’s hard drive and memory sticks as well.
  2. Remove the screws from your laptop keyboard’s underside. Some laptops aren’t equipped with a keyboard. Examine your laptop thoroughly.
  3. When in doubt, remove all screws from the bottom and sides of the laptop. To make reassembly easier, organize your screws by drawing a short diagram.
  4. On most laptops, gently pull and unscrew the keyboard bezel, which is located above the keyboard, with a flat screwdriver. Disconnect the power supply from the keyboard and the motherboard.
  5. Remove any hinge covers and cables that connect the LCD to the motherboard, if applicable.
  6. Any screws that secure the display component to the laptop base should be identified and removed. Pull the screen away from the laptop base with a gentle tug.
  7. Remove all screws that hold the two parts of the display connector assembly together. Carefully pry the front bezel away from the LCD with your fingers.
  8. Remove the LCD screen cover and throw it away. The LCD screen is usually connected to the monitor via a video cable. Unplug the video card before connecting the screen.
  9. Remove any screws holding the display’s hinges in place.
  10. Reassemble your laptop by reversing the previous steps.

Is it Possible to Use a Laptop With a Broken Hinge?

While it is possible to use a laptop with a broken hinge, doing so is extremely risky. A broken hinge, in most cases, can expose the laptop’s display; if the display is damaged, the laptop will be severely harmed and repair will be prohibitively expensive.

However, as long as the broken hinge does not expose the display, using the laptop with a broken hinge is acceptable.

As a result, it is entirely dependent on the condition of the laptop’s hinge and the extent to which it is broken. However, given the low cost of repairing a broken laptop hinge, I recommend repairing it rather than using a laptop with a broken hinge.

What happens when the hinges on a laptop break?

When laptop hinges fail, the most serious issue is that your screen will now flop down. This puts your laptop’s keys, trackpad, and even sensitive parts at risk of damage. It will be difficult to use your laptops if the hinges are broken. If this happens, your best option is to buy a new one because repairing it will be too expensive.

What is the cost of repairing a broken hinge?

The cost of replacing hinges on a laptop ranges from $75 to 350 dollars. This is the cost of repairing the broken hinge, not the laptop as a whole. The price will vary depending on where you take your laptop – some locations will be more expensive than others.

If your laptop’s screen flops down when you open or closes it, it’s likely that one or both of its hinges have been broken off. Laptops are typically covered by a one-year warranty, but sometimes the damage is too severe to be repaired solely through warranty coverage.

Is It Harmful To Keep Your Laptop Lid Open?

The keyboard screen and mouse are protected by the laptop lid. It keeps dust, dirt, and debris at bay. As a result, if you leave the laptop with the lid open, everything is at risk of being damaged.

The liquid that can accidentally spill on the device and destroy everything is one of the more significant damages. When you are not using your laptop, it is not a good idea to leave the lid open.

Is it possible to use a gaming laptop with a broken hinge?

Typically, a laptop with a broken hinge cannot be used for gaming due to the screen swinging out of alignment with the keyboard, obstructing mouse movement.

What is causing my laptop’s lid to not close properly?

If your laptop lid isn’t closing properly, there are a few possible causes. Your laptop screen may need to be replaced, or the screws on the laptop hinge may have become loose.
Remove the laptop’s bottom cover and rubberize the hinged cover.

They should be discarded and the hinge screws and plates re-aligned. Tighten the screws and close the lid to check them. It will assist you in resolving your problem.

Are Laptop Hinges Long-lasting?

A laptop’s durability is critical. ThinkPads are known for being business-oriented, rugged laptops. Anyone who has ever used a laptop with a shaky hinge can attest to how difficult it is to use.


As a final point, laptop hinges are one of the most vulnerable parts of the device. And if they are not properly cared for, they may break. Laptop hinges that are broken can make your laptop inoperable, which can cause a lot of frustration and annoyance.

Furthermore, replacing hinges requires considerable skill and effort. If the LCD bracket is broken, the process becomes even more difficult. In addition, laptop hinges are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

As a result, it’s important to look after your laptop hinges to avoid them breaking. To make it easier for you, I’ve listed numerous ways to protect your laptop’s hinges above, as well as the most common causes of hinge breakage.


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