How To Play Xbox One On Laptop Screen With HDMI Port (Step By Step Guide)


So today I will show you how you can actually connect your Xbox One or any console be like your PS4 even your PS3 a PS5 which is coming over your Xbox One console you have which is like an HDMI port to your laptop and then play games off of your laptop.

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I’m going to show you step-by-step how you’re going to connect all the devices and then start to play like your games on your PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and any gaming future which is like an HDMI cable.

hi, guys welcome to another Article of TechFoos Reviews. today I’m going to walk you through the process of connecting your Xbox one to your laptop now I’m using an Xbox one to demonstrate you can actually do this with a PS3 and PS4 or any kind of console you have which has an HDMI port.

How Many Ways To Connect Xbox One To Your Laptop?

Technically there are two ways to play Xbox One games on your laptop the first method is to use an Xbox one remote app this is an app you download to your PC or laptop and once you connect both your laptop and Xbox one to the Internet you can basically stream gameplay in the app and then see it on your display.

Now the reason why I do not prefer this method is that first of all you need a really strong internet connection anything else and you’re going to deal with extremely terrible acts and you do not want to experience lags when playing action games like Mortal Kombat.

Else before you throw your first points the game has come to an end and you are receiving a fatality so this tutorial focuses on how to connect your laptop to your Xbox One or any other console without needing internet access you can drop your questions below if you have any in the comment section.

What You Need To Connect Xbox One To Your Laptop WITH HDMI Port?

So here are the things you need to get started one you need an Xbox One or any console with an HDMI port so you need a laptop that has a USB C port and it does not matter where that’s an i3 or i5 or whatever I am using the Acer Aspire 5 to play the Xbox One games and it runs pretty smoothly.

A capture card is a device that helps you to take video inputs from cameras games etc and then you show those very same images and videos.

So if you want to live stream from your DSLR or mirrorless camera or you want to stream your games to youtube you will most likely need a capture card.

Hardware Side

The capture card has an input and output and the input end is where you put cables from your Xbox One or other console or even your digital cameras the output portion goes into your laptop so first or connect the USB cable to the capture card and connects to your power source which could be your laptop’s USB ports just like a regular USB port.

Once you do this correctly the power indicator on your capture card will turn on next connect your HDMI port to the input portion of your capture card and connect the other end to the HDMI out port of your console once this is done properly the light for a signal will turn on.

For my capture card power light is red and the signal light is blue on the output side connected the larger end of the USBC cable to the capture card and connects the smaller end to your laptop’s USB C port so that’s It on the hardware side of things.

Software Side

Next on your laptop download OBS studio which is a free software for video streaming once you set up OBS studio launch it and an OBS create a new scene by clicking on the plus icon and then add a source to it in the source window in the drop-down list you are going to see a lot of options but the one you need to select is video capture device and select your capture card as the source device.

Next Point on the Xbox One console and voila you’ll see the beautiful game logo and then you right-click in the program window on your right and OBS studio and choose to view it in full screen.

Here are my observations when using this method but disclaimer this could be because my laptop damn using the Acer aspire 5 sometimes has some color issues so I notice that the colors are not as saturated or vibrant as when I play on my TV.

But like I said this could be due to my laptop screen try it on your more powerful laptop but I know you are using it and please give me feedback but even with that after some time my eyes kind of get like I just said to the colors and then I begin to see it as normal.

If you have a laptop with 4 GB ram you should be able to run this so you can comfortably play and win all your actions games and Mortal Kombat games you know and brag to all your friends some people accepting questions about this matters so let me attempt to answer them and also please drop your comments and questions below.

How to Connect TV to your laptop and PS4?

Well first of all it’s a super cool trick you can do to impress your friends and be the hero of the day show them some technical magic be like that tech champion in the room secondly you cannot always carry your big 55 inches TV in your laptop back but most likely you can’t carry your laptop and ps4 in the same bag to work or class or any other place and the last reason is when you cannot have the TV because your train brother is using it to watch Prison Break season 1 and your kid sister is watching Gossip Girl after that this also defines the all work and no play policy work a little on your laptop doing your designs video editing Excel PowerPoint whatever and when you’re beginning to you know get bored and your creativity is growing on it turn on your game and then you play all week and no play makes Jack a dull boy do try this and let me know how it works for you.

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