How To Make Your Headphones Louder | The Ultimate Guide


Listening at high volume is fun, depth and craze. So, when you are purchasing a brand new headphone then you are having a lot of fun by listening to high volumes from it.

But after a bit of usage of headphones, you are facing many issues with it like, down the volume, each of one earbud isn’t working and many indications like that. 

So, today I am gonna talk about the issues and the question of how to make headphones louder? Solutions, read the full article because I gave you a full explanation about the possible causes and proper fixes of it in depth.

Awareness About The Possible Causes And Proper Fixes For Fall In Sound Volume In Your Headphones

Thinking that you are listening to your favorite album, calling your loved one, or watching a best-loved movie, but the audio isn’t much and it’s hard to understand anything let alone fun it. Because of some issues, your headset doesn’t become louder.    

It makes you hurt when you observe that there is no idea you have about how and why your headphones are much silent. Mainly, when it works perfectly just before.   

Due to this, we are giving you some informative guides that provide you what the issues behind the headphone volume being too low, and how you can overcome this issue. 

My Headphones Are So Quiet – Why?

Sometimes headphones suddenly become quieter than normal, whether it’s happening with one earbud or both, and happens more quickly than you think. Firstly it’s important to know the issues behind this and then we are going to talk about its solutions.

Here I provided the common and general issues of how and why headphones become quiet. 

1. Issue With the Plug or Socket (For Wired Headphones)

The first common issue is that Getting the loose connection between the audio socket of the device and the headset plug can create issues like weird static noises or the sound becomes too dull. 

One other thing that can create issues in overall connectivity between devices is getting debris or dirt on the headphone jack/audio port. 

There may be another factor that your headphone jack is defective, and requires repair or replacement. 

2. Issue With Connectivity (For Wireless Headsets)

Considering wireless headphones, as involvement like a desk manufactured by metal, or a physical obstacle (like a wall) between you and your device, can create the issue of connectivity. These barriers can impact the overall quality and loudness of your audio.

Device Settings

The most usual reason why your right earbud provides less volume as compared to the right, or why your headphones are not getting much volume instead of doing max volume, is because of inaccurate audio settings. 

If you connect your headphones to another device and it works perfectly, then you have to do some adjusting in your initial device setting. 

3. Issue With the Audio File

However, unfortunately, there is some possibility of having issues with audio files that your headphone is so quiet. It occurs when the audio itself is recorded or trans-coded to play at such a low volume. 

This means if you increase the volume on your headphone/device so this criterion does nothing, and the volume remains the same as quiet.

4. Issue With the Headset Itself

Once more a possibility that your headphones have a hardware defect that creates the issue of sounds being quiet. This generally happens when the headphone is either brand new or the device continuously used before. 

If your headphones are brand new and you are facing this defect, take the support of the manufacturer’s warranty policy for free repairing or replacement.

5. Issue With the Ear

Due to humans being naturally unsymmetrical creatures, it isn’t shocking if the ears are created differently from another. These little unsymmetrical in our external ear shape being an issue of the process earbuds fitted in the ear.

It creates issues of different sound quality or volume loudness for each ear many while wearing earphones. 

7 Different Ways To Make Your Headphones Louder

1. Turn the volume up to its maximum

It looks easy to do, and in some processes, it is. However, there is a way to increase the volume by working on the volume device setting. But the main point you have to remember is that the headphone connected with the device must have their own volume setting, and the headphones may also offer the volume setting of themselves.

If the device volume is fully louder, but it looks like the sound isn’t provided what it’s capable of, look over for a volume setting on the headphone. There will be a different way to adjust the setting. 

If you are a phone listener, there may be a much depth or latest volume setting where users can handle the sound output with multiple things. Not just volume can adjust over there, but also there may be an equalizer to precise all aspects of the sound output to make it exactly how you want.

Many devices also provide the option to adjust the volume, not for the thing you’re listening to, but also the ringer, notification, and other settings as well.

Android and iPhone users also move to settings to know about the place where they adjust their volume and make it louder, so it’s much louder for your headphones. 

2. Cleaning Your Headphones/Clean Your Headphones

Some headphones aren’t unavoidably old and broken. Because in some conditions your headphones need some cleaning for functioning correctly. Many electrical devices get a lot of dust because of their production of static electricity. 

In this situation headphones, oils, and wax from your ear canal usually gather on your headphone’s mesh screen and wind up creating some sound fake while in use. 

To get rid of these little troubles, it’s recommended to clean your headphones daily. 

Many headphones, the cleaning task isn’t common that complex and most professional manufacturers provided cleaning material with headphones, which are located in the headphones box. 

Here are some ways to clean your headphones effectively

a. Adhesive Putty

This effective method provided you a simple way to remove ear wax and dust from your headphones. All you need to do is take a little and sizable piece of putty and dab it on headphone mesh. After that, your headphones look great as brand new. 

b. Carbon Peroxide

Carbon peroxide is a famous earwax dissolver; although, it needs to be used with care/caution. Just take a cotton swab and dipped into carbon peroxide to gently clean your headphones mesh. Carbon peroxide is liquid; consequently taking it in surfeit can simply spoil your headphones. 

c. Compressed Air

Compressed air can reduce the quantity of dust in your headphones, which is a general cause of sound blockage in many headphones. 

3. Using Apps That Boost Volume – Headphones Volume Booster Apps

There are some apps specially designed for boosting the volume so that you can easily enhance how loud the content is. By installing these apps, it will connect with your device if you are working on a phone or window.

Then it provides overrule the many settings that are found in your device and then simply can boost up your volume, so it becomes louder.

Note that, be careful while using these apps, because if the volume becomes much louder, then it can harm your eardrums. So, use these apps with a definite level of reason to protect your ears. 

Even if you use Android, iPhone or Windows, here are all volume-boosting apps, and with this, you can give the sound output from your device a bit of a punch. Here are the best volume booster apps for all of them.  


  • Equalizer
  • Equalizer FX
  • Precise Volume
  • VLC for Android
  • MX Player
  • Podcast Addict
  • Viper4Android


  • Equalizer Plus
  • Player Xtreme Media Player by Xtreme Media Works
  • KaiserTone Audio Player
  • ONKYO HF Player Volume Boost
  • AutoVolume Automatic Volume Control


  • Equalizer Pro
  • DFX Sound Enhancer
  • Breakaway Audio Enhancer

4. Amplifier – Are Helpful for boosting volume

As a home speaker can enhance the sound while being paired with a superb amplifier, a headphone can also take advantage when paired with a headphone amp.

Power by the amp inside your tablet, phone, or laptop may not be enough to take your headphone to complete potential. With an external headphone amp, you not only take your headset to provide sound louder, but you also become amazed by the in-depth music detail, great dynamic range, and enhance clarity you can listen to.

The dimensions and size of your headphones can give some clarity about whether you need a headphone amp or not. There are many headphone amplifiers available in the market, And I recommend you go with Sound BlasterX G6 superb portable amp with great features supported. 

Note that you take fewer benefits from amplifiers with most in-ear headphones and earbuds. Although, you will get great benefits from amplifiers with larger on-ear and over-ear headphones. 

5. Taking A Pair Of Sound Isolation Headphones

Once again, we are not recommending you to take a new pair of headphones, but if you are using a trashy pair of headphones, it doesn’t work no matter how much you make changes in setting, it remains the same as a trashy pair of headphones.  

If you need to take headphones and forget about the world, you should go with a pair of sound-isolating headphones. With these headphones, you don’t need to listen to louder volumes to get the exact immersive listening experience. 

With these great sound-isolating headphones, you face less cause of damaging your hearing, you don’t need to listen to such high volumes for satisfying yourself. 

6. Add Velour Pads and enjoy the louder sound quality of your device

A solid number of cheaper headphones are usually incapable of offering a desirable sound quality. In reality, a lot of them are manufactured by faux leather which always wraps the sound.

Although, one of the easiest ways to enhance the sound quality is to buy velour ear pads for your substandard performing headphones.

You can simply replace them on your device, and you need to remove the current ear pads and replace them. This thing offers you that sound quality that you always wanted. 

7. Make The Headphones Wireless Utilizing A Bluetooth Gadget

If you want much-enhanced sound quality, you should make your headphones semi-wireless via utilizing a Bluetooth-enabled machine, through with a Jabra Clipper. Firstly, you need to plug your headphones into your Jabra Clipper after that insert that into your Bluetooth device.

When simply making this particular connection, you need to go to the settings menu on your Bluetooth device and make sure that it is enabled by the headphones. So, this thing provides you superb experience and high-quality sound. 


Finally, one of these methods will definitely be useful for you and help you to increase your volume. Note that, do the methods carefully because some of the methods can cause the damaging of your ear if you don’t apply the method perfectly. 

If you have any other issue regarding this, so do comment below and I will definitely give you a solution about that.


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