How to Fix Water-Damaged Headphones


When you wear it on the poolside and suddenly your headphones drop in the water, or  you are drinking water and the glass drops from your hand and the water spilled on the headphone. If you are facing these issues, don’t take tension about that, just follow these steps that I am gonna tell you. Then surely you will fix your headphone and don’t need to purchase a brand new headphone.

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5 Steps To Fix Water Damaged Earphones

Step 1: Remove tip sleeves

First of all, you have to remove the silicone tips of your earphone. From this time, they should be fully wet. 

It’s necessary to remove the tip when you are starting. Keep them on a dry tissue or a towel to let the water soak out. 

Step 2: Disassemble your earbuds

You can’t do anything if you don’t take out the inner components of your earphones. 

Pick a screwdriver and apply the slightest pressure on the joint. And when the seal is broken the internal parts release. 

Step 3: Use a cleaners

If the setting gets out with iron in water, it can damage your earphones. So, it’s necessary to maintain the space clean to use. 

A good to go option by using distilled waters. Because they ionize in nature and can’t harm your earphones totally. 

Step 4: Remove water droplets

Once you have done cleaning the inner parts. You won’t be able to use a dryer,  so the first target is to remove the large water droplets. 

Start to shake the earphones right to left to take it out. At least shake the earphones for 2-3 minutes.

Step 5: It’s time to dry

Don’t keep them to direct sunlight for dry. You have to apply a balanced quantity of air. You can also keep them under your home fans and waiting to dry. Always use a towel to wipe away the water molecules. You should repeat this action until your earphones fully dry. Then wait for almost 4 hours for getting it to the original place.  

Can I Fix Headphones That Become Wet or not?

Obviously, if your headphones go wet, in such cases you can fix them easily. There are also conditions in which the headphones will be irreparable; this condition depends on the expanse of damage created by the water. If your headphones work while becoming wet, there is a great chance that they can be irreparable from damage to the circuits.  

If My Earphones Get Wet – What Should I Do?

Firstly, don’t waste much time. When you find your earphones being wet or washed inside the washing machine, don’t take tension, fastly take an instant action to decrease the chance of losing the earphone.

So what things do you have to do if the earphones are wet? What actions should you take? 

Here the answer is simply follow these steps and it will help you save the water-damaged earphones.

First and main thing is to dry the headphones, and how can you do this?

Remove the silicone tip

Instantly, remove all the joined parts of the earphones like foam or silicone tips from earphones, then keep them on a soft withered towel for making them dry. 

The main focus has to be on the significant part of the earphones like the drivers, and these are the significant parts that are damaged simply if you don’t begin to the next steps.

Disassemble your earphone parts

This is too critical and main step:

You have to disassemble your earphone to release internal parts of it.

Ensure to open both earbuds drivers, by using the air of your mouth, blow up the extra caps and then keep them on a soft dry towel for making it dry. 

Use a distilled water

Take a full glass of distilled water, also said deionized water, and keep the device on it. I know you become amazed at why you use distilled water on the wet earphone. But don’t take tension because distilled water won’t create any damage. Deionized water is secure for electronics.

How to use distilled water?

  • Hold your earphones that are wet and keep them in a distilled filled glass of water and shake it perfectly when the earphone is still there.
  • The cause you are doing this is to combine the water inside of the earbud with the distilled water, and with non-stop shaking it there will be just distilled water inside optimistically. If the deionized water isn’t available at home, you can just leave this step.

Shake the earphone

Shake the device to reduce as much water as you can. 

 How to do this:

  • Clasp the two earbuds drivers with their part with your hands and shake them various times to reduce water droplets as much as you can to increase the drying process. 
  • Note that, don’t try to do the drying process by applying a hair dryer, because it can extremely reduce the lifespan of the earphone.
  • Also don’t release, directly in front of the sun. 

Blow your earbuds with air

How to do this:

Clasp both earbuds with your hand and blow the air of your mouth many times. You can also utilize an air blower device but you have to keep a large distance between the earbuds and if the blowing device or machine becomes very close to it, this procedure can damage your earphones because of increased air. So be careful while doing this step. 

Believe me this step is necessary as compared to step 3 that can be left. This step helps to reduce as much water as you can out of your earbuds since the important aim is to reduce water from your wet earphones.

Use a dry soft towel

Always use a dry soft towel to hold the inner parts of the earphone and that’s why step 2 is necessary(disassembling) and softly hold the additional wet and the drops of distilled water. Do this procedure to all areas and all sides of the driver.  

Use a rice grain or silica gel

This step is very necessary and much compulsory or a process as compared to all steps I’ve described. A grain mainly a bag of rice, and uncooked (raw) rice that can easily do this magic. 

How to do this:

Open a bag of rice and put the earphone including other parts inside the rice. Uncooked(raw) rice is a drying agent, while you insert the wet earphone into a little bag of uncooked rice granules, seal the bag and keep in the sunshine (not directly and avoid that can make it too hot).

Open the bag after and every some hours to reduce increasing moisture and then replace the rice

Put your earbuds in the rice bag for almost 48 hours. And make sure this bag is securely kept and ensure no one takes this for cooking. Once fully dry, you are ready to use your earphone.

Don’t try to use your earphone before the steps are completed over the 48 hours keep them in the rice bag.

If you use it before completing all steps and it isn’t useful for you, it means you lost your headphones forever and then you have to buy a new one so be careful and fully follow these steps. 

The factors you can use for cleaning the earphone:

  • By utilizing water for cleaning your earphones can become harmful for your earphones.
  • Clearly, using regular water can directly damage your earphones. 
  • While you keep out the parts and inner accessories, make sure to clean them perfectly. But if you wanna use a simple remedy for cleaning, here are the few steps mentioned below.
  • Always clean your earphones by using a cotton swab. 
  • Use a solution that provides 91% Isopropyl Alcohol instead of regular water. 
  • Keep all the things on a dry cloth. Make sure to put them open on a dry cloth for soaking water. 

The ways for securing your headphones from water damage

To get rid of these things in future, here i provide some tips to follow.

  • If you are going for an outing, it’s good to keep your earphones in a safe and dry place. Perhaps, keeping it back on your car won’t uncover your earphones on a rainy day. It will put the device secured. 
  • While you aren’t working on your headphones, it’s necessary to keep a perfect storage space. A little custom box can make it simple to take your earphones and also secure them from falling on a water pool.
  • Never take your earphones on the areas where there is a high risk of water. Taking your earphones at the dishwasher, sink, or taking it to the bathroom isn’t a good idea overall.  There is a high risk of earphone damage. 
  • If you are thinking of keeping your earphones in a box, you have to respect the climatic conditions. If you are in a high humidity area, the moisture content will be increased. To get rid of getting earphones damaged, take the support of an airtight box for storing your device 


Overall, the first and important thing to do is to secure and save your headphones from water damage. Because if you save your headphones from water then you don’t need to apply these steps and don’t need to do a lot of research. 

But, when the headphone drops accidentally in water and don’t work perfectly then you have to follow those steps that I mentioned above, and I confidently sure you will repair your headphone and get them into the real shape.

So, if this article is helpful for you and if you have another issue regarding this, make a comment below and I will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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