How To Connect Any Wireless Headphones To TV


Have you ever trying to watch movies at night on TV? Obviously yes. Because a lot of peoples have a craze to watch movies at the silent and in night environment, and then almost all the time surrounding peoples sleep and disturbed due to sound and then it destroys all mood of yours.

Or, if you getting bore of watching on the little screen, so here you get rid of these issues and find the answer to your question that how to connect any wireless headphone to any TV? Then the answer is “Yes” because here I am going to talk about the various ways to connect the wireless headphones to any TV.

Here are the Various Methods for Connecting Wireless Headphones to a TV

The most usual connecting wireless headphone option to make it home theaters is wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones. Both wireless headphones have different pros and cons; although, wireless headphone models provide connectivity too much easier. Let’s move to talk about the connection criteria of both.  

1. Dedicated Wireless Headphones (Best Option)

Firstly, it is important to know that there are various TVs that don’t support Bluetooth and make it harder to connect with Bluetooth headphones. Although there are different headphone options, buy the dedicated wireless set, as the Avantree HT280 Wireless headphone (on Amazon) is great to go. 

Considering dedicated wireless headphones, it is also assigned as RF (radio-frequency) headphones, hardly it provides a base station that gives connection directly to your TV through a 3.5mm analog or optical cable. The involved bass works as a wireless antenna for your headphones, which is programmed to connect to its special signal. This bass directly connects your wireless headphones to transfer signals to and from your TV set. 

Dedicated wireless headphones provide you a solid range. However, a lot of headphones offer a range up to 300 feet, so it gives long-provided signals that are un-interrupted. So if you go to the bathroom or go to the kitchen to take some food, these things won’t interrupt audio streaming and you can easily enjoy your favorite movie there. 

One more thing to know, if your soundbar is joined by the analog or optical ports on the backside of your TV,  you must switch between two devices. If your soundbar connects through HDMI or different ports, your wireless headphones can abide connected and will start to work, but you should switch the audio output on your TV.

2. Bluetooth support – TV’s built-in

Bluetooth is one of the great ways to connect your wireless headphones to a TV. Many TVs don’t offer a Bluetooth permit by default but it may be found in the service manual. 

There is a hidden service menu in all TVs that experts use to enable/disable features and fix issues. Although, finding the service menu isn’t much easier. You should require the specific service menu code of your TV brand. 

Not to worry at all, you can easily find the service menu code of your TV on this website. It provides service menu codes for LCD, LED, Plasma, and also CRT TVs of all brands. Firstly, work on the search bar at the top to enter your model of the TV brand.

After entering the service menu, find the Bluetooth section in options. Generally, in the Engineering menu, you find Samsung TVs at least.  

On the Bluetooth option and restart the TV.

After that, go to the sound options of your TV and there you find out the Bluetooth option inside the sound output section.

Utilize this option for searching your headphone and connecting it.

3. Bluetooth audio transmitter

A normal Bluetooth audio transmitter provides Bluetooth support to your TV. A mini chargeable device that can plug into the 3.5mm audio jack of the TV and provide Bluetooth audio transmission abilities. 

These Bluetooth adaptors are easily available in large quantities at stores for just $5. Although, I wanna recommend buying a strong quality product if you are using this for watching TV. Audio latency becomes a big problem when taking the right transmitter. Even a bit of latency can make your experience worse. 

As for my recommendation, you should go with Indigo Low Latency Bluetooth Transmitter. It offers two-way audio transmission and you won’t feel any latency at all. You can easily get this on amazon and I linked this downward.

4. Secondary devices – Taking advantage of it.

If you are using any other devices also connected with TV, so confirm if it provides Bluetooth support. The devices like media streamers or gaming consoles normally offer Bluetooth support to transfer audio over Bluetooth. 

For instance, Roku provides a jack on its remote where you can easily plug in the headphones to hear audio wirelessly. Moreover, both Xbox and Playstation provided Bluetooth support to transmit audio. Furthermore, Chromecast is also designed to transmit audio through Bluetooth. You just simply connect your headphones to a phone/laptop that is using a Chromecast controller. 

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon provides Bluetooth connectivity by the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Stick. After taking your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode, then open the Amazon devices “Settings” option.

After that, select the “Remotes and Devices” option over there and then click “Bluetooth” in the list. When the Amazon device identifies the headphones, you can easily click on them and pair them. 

Android TV

Make sure before buying Android TV and read the specifications, because not all Android TV boxes provide the Bluetooth feature.

If your Android device offers this feature, the headphone easily pairs with any other Android device. When taking your headphones in pairing mode, go to the “Settings” option on your Android TV and click “Bluetooth”. Finally, it will provide you with a connecting option so click it on your headphones and pair. 

Apple TV

Apple TV products easily connect with Bluetooth headphones. Enter in the Amazon Fire TV, inside the “Settings” menu, pick the “Remotes and Devices” option.

And then your headphones go to pairing mode, pick “Bluetooth” and click your headphones to pair and connect with Apple TV. 


Roku features depend on which Roku product you buy. Some offer a remote that has a 3.5mm jack, which simply provides you with an environment to connect wired headphones into the remote and listen to TV audio.

The Roku 3 and Roku 4 model offers this feature. Although, other models give private listening modes. By using an Android or iOS phone or tablet, install the official Roku app. Once completed, ensure both your phone/tablet and your Roku device must be on the exact Wi-Fi network.

After this, connect your Bluetooth headphones with a phone or tablet. Then when it connects, it launches the Roku app on your phone/tablet. In the center of the app screen. It provided a “Remote Tab” option, select it. 

However your headphone earlier paired to your phone/tablet, you should again activate your headphone’s pairing mode and phone Bluetooth option mode. Press and hold this icon until it’s totally paired. Your headphones will be connected now with a Roku streaming device.

PlayStation 4

It’s important to know that the PlayStation only connects with specific Bluetooth headphones. Although, inserting a Bluetooth audio transmitter will avoid this as it does with TV. Means, your PlayStation 4 (PS4) remote also provides direct control wired by a 3.5mm analog jack. 

Switching with these wired headphones, you should go to the PlayStation’s settings menu and pick “Devices” in the subsequent list. At there, pick “Audio Devices” and select the “ Output to headphones” option to apply this feature. If you are using Playstation 4 for streaming media, like Netflix, this can be a great option for you.

Xbox One

Xbox One doesn’t provide Bluetooth connectivity. Although, the latest models offer a built-in 3.5mm analog jack on their controller just as the PS4. Previous models don’t provide it; you have to buy a stereo headset adapter to use these controls.

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NVIDIA SHIELD devices offering Bluetooth connectivity. Inside the service menu, pick the “Wireless and Networks” option. When your headphone goes to pairing mode, then pick the “ Connected Devices” option on NVIDIA SHIELD TV device.

When your headphones launch on the list, select them for pairing and connectivity. You must know that NVIDIA SHIELD TV doesn’t automatically shift back to the main audio output if the Bluetooth headphones are switch off. You have to physically switch between the two when it’s needed.

5. RF wireless headphone

If all methods aren’t workable for you, you should go with the RF (Radiofrequency) wireless headphones. These headphones provide a wireless transmitter that easily connects to your TV’s audio output jack and delivers audio to headphones by utilizing radiofrequency.

Obviously, it comes with its own pros and cons. Its main benefit is the huge range, which means you can easily listen to audio up to 300ft. Moreover, it too cheap to buy, even the best RF headphones almost under $80.

The only issue with RF headphones is that their audio quality can be troubled through other electronic devices that using the same radio frequencies. Generally, it uses radio frequencies between 900 MHz to 3200 MHz. So the devices like cordless phones, microwaves, and also other RF headphones can create problems for audio quality. 

Although, if you take these devices far away from the RF headphones, then they can be a great replacement to Bluetooth headphones that are eventually more strong and cheaper.  

If you like and wanna try RF wireless headphones, then I recommend you to go with Sennheiser RS175 because it’s more affordable and provide great features.

6. Infrared wireless headphone

Infrared headphones are a better replacement for RF headphones as it doesn’t impact on audio quality whether how many electronics are close. The setup process exactly like the RF headphones, you join a transmitter to the TV audio output jack, and the headphone picks infrared signal to collect audio.

Although, you should individually purchase an infrared transmitter if your TV does carry infrared output or it doesn’t come with your headphone. So, when you need, Infrared IR Audio Transmitter is good to go

The issue you will face with infrared headphones is that nothing physical thing should come directly between the headphones and transmitter. This means you can’t go to another room while listening to something. However, if someone comes between you and the transmitter so it won’t cause any issue.

Infrared headphones are providing the best sound quality and you will never face any latency issue with them. It provides great connectivity to connect with a single transmitter to multiple headphones. Moreover, you can purchase high-quality infrared headphones for just less than $50. If you wanna buy so check this XO Vision Infrared Headphone at a low price with a comfortable feel and reliable features like auto shut-off and volume controls.

Lastly, infrared headphones are the best alternative wireless headphones that provide high-quality audio at a cheap rate with a bit of downfall.  When you will use them on TV, you won’t face any problems and provide a smooth connection while you sit in front of the TV. 


Overall, i provide you the best ways to connect wireless headphones to any tv, and the best one i recommend you to go with Dedicated Wireless Headphones because it provides 3.5mm optical cable with huge range and won’t make any issue in future. 

So, make yourself more enjoyable by applying these methods at the cheapest price range.


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