Sony WH-H900N Hi-Res Noise Canceling Wireless Headphone Review


If you need a daily use headphone for multiple platforms or wanna make yourself relax for a long period of time without having issues about the build, sound quality, and much more? So, from today you enjoy more due to the headphone I am gonna tell you.

So, the one and only Sony WH-H900N give you the best premium results and help you in different ways, must read the full article because here I fully described the Sony WH-H900N Review in-depth and why you should buy this? 

Now, let’s dive into it.

Sony WH-H900N Wireless Headphone Review

Sony-WH-H900N Hi-Res-Noise-Cancelling-Wireless-Headphone-Grayish-Black-WHH900N

Sony WH-H900N Review Specs

  • Frequency Response: 5 – 40,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Usage: Max 28 hrs
  • Charging time: 6 hrs
  • Type: Over-the-ear
  • Design: Closed
  • Audio: DSEE HX, SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC
  • Noise-cancelation: Active, AI
  • Microphone: High-definition
  • Playback: control touch sensor
  • Comfort: ★★★★

Who is it for and should you buy it?

Is this headset used for gaming? Obviously, this headset can be used for gaming. The sound is natural and crisp, the high frequency of the headphone won’t create any issue for you. It’s also a solid choice for regular and studio use.

You won’t face any issue during traveling. You can listen to loud and natural music with this headset. It provides active noise canceling feature, it blocks the surrounding noises and delivers you a fresh audio quality. The ambient sound mode provides controls about the sound of your hearing.

Key Features

There are a lot of superb features of the Sony WH-H900N headset, here going to talk about some key features. 

  1. High-resolution Audio well suited.
  2. Dsee HX upscale squash music to close high-resolution sound quality.
  3. Digital noise canceling and ambient sound mode provides you controls for your hearing.
  4. Touch sensor control panel for simple operation.
  5. By using the Sony headphones connect app for Fine-tune your sound.

Out Of The BOX

  • Sony WH-H900N (h.ear on 2) headphones
  • Audio cable
  • Carrying pouch
  • USB charging cable
  • User Manual

Comfort & Fit

The Sony h.ear on 2 is a little more comfortable as compared to the original Sony h.ear on (MDR-100AAP). It provides thicker pads and fairly sized cups that won’t be too tight on the head.

It’s fairly lightweight, however, the WH-H900N is too comfortable to wear for long periods due to having Soft, plush leather ear pads. Sometimes it feels snug enough to deliver a bit of sound isolation without enabling the noise canceling feature.

Design & Build

The Sony H900N is the latest wireless, noise-canceling version of MDR-100AAP. It almost has the overall same design, but it looks a little premium, due to sturdier and thicker build quality.

It has the same oval ear cups as MDR-100AAP, and the headband is also too similar except both are a little denser and look too durable.

When you wear the headset for long hours, you can feel a slight pressure but there is no clamping over there. 

The headset is designed through a plastic body and metal frame. If you compare this with other headphones for the price, you will get the overall look and feel of this headset superb.


This headphone is quite stable. It’s a better choice than the MDR-100AAP because it’s wireless and there is no issue of cable that can be tangled in your clothes. 


The Sony WH-H900N is standard over-ears with a foldable design that makes it a bit decently portable. It can easily fit in smaller bags after being folded, but unlikely, it’s somewhat heavy to carry around like most over-ears headphone.

It has an average pouch that isn’t superb for carrying this around in a backpack. 


The Sony H900N is simply to pair due to NFC compatibility. But, It can’t connect between multiple devices and need to repair each time. If you wanna connect with non-NFC devices like PC, so you need to press and hold the power switch button.

It’s not directly connectable with Xbox One or PS4 through Bluetooth.

The Sony WH-H900N provides high latency, much high for tv shows or watching movies. It also offers aptX HD for higher quality wireless playback, but with standard Bluetooth playback, the latency is higher than.

Noise Cancelation

The active noise canceling performance of this headset is down to average. Considering the bass range, where the noise of airplanes and bus engines sits, it reduces about 9dB of noise, which is almost average.

And Considering mid-range, necessary for blocking out speech, it reduces 11dB of noise, which is fair.

Considering the treble range, where the sharp sound S and Ts sits, it reduces more than 30dB, which is solid.

Performance & Sound Quality

It’s superb for neutral listening. The Sony WH-H900N provides a well-balanced sound that delivers a better amount of bass, due to this the thumps and rumbles without overwhelming the instrument and vocals in mid-range. 

It doesn’t deliver a sharp sound instead on brighter tracks and offer a nice customizable EQ, you can twist their sound profile to your attachment (through the Headphones connect app).

Unluckily, it doesn’t deliver the most spacious soundstage which isn’t superb for neutral listeners, but overall the sound quality is better enough for most peoples.

Overall, the performance of audio and sound is impressive.

Microphone Quality

We tested the microphone by calling in a silent office environment, we get the better result form peoples, that the voice was clear and crisp

The recording quality of the microphone is more than average. The LFE (low-frequency extension) of 243Hz ensures that speech recorded/transmitted by this mic will make sound thin.

Although, the speech is decently intelligible, as long as intelligibility is too dependent on the 500Hz-4KHz range.

Battery Life

The sony H900N offers an impressive battery life, easily stand the whole day, but it consumes too much time to fully charge for almost 6 hours. But, it provides a quick charge feature that gives an hour of playback within the charge of 10 minutes.

Considering Standby mode, the battery can stay for almost about 200 hours with a noise-canceling feature off and provide 48 hours with noise canceling on.

It offers passive playback, it can be used wired when the battery is on charging or dead.

Finally, I fully satisfied with this battery because there a few headphones that provide this kind of battery life.


This headset is almost $200, but it sells out on amazon cheaper. If you wanna pay $300 for wireless noise-canceling headphones from Sony, you can go with the WH-1000XM2, because it provides better noise reduction. But if you want less than $300, the WH-H900N highly recommends to you.


  • Great sound quality.
  • Too durable than the original model.
  • Too comfortable.
  • Look dashing.


  • Not great ANC mode.
  • Taking too much time to charge.

How you can Update the Firmware on the Sony WH-H900N

If you wanna buy these headphones from Amazon or maybe other retailers, where they are on the shelf for a while. Maybe, it doesn’t have the latest firmware installed.

Apart from stability development and bug fixes, the recent firmware update gives support for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

By updating the firmware is little to include the process. Before starting make sure to read the following.

  • Before starting, Ensure that your battery is fully charged. Sony says if your headphone dead during the update process, it can become useless. 
  • During the update, you can’t charge your battery.
  • Ensure that your smartphone is fully charged, as it needs to continuously connect to the app for the duration of the process
  • You should have an active Wi-Fi signal to download firmware to your smartphone.
  • Sony dissuades you to try again and update anywhere if you have a weak Wi-Fi signal (like on a train or airplane), in addition anywhere the signal can breaks (such as between the microwave or cordless telephone). What results you will face if you lose signal? You take the risk of bricking your device.
  • Note that it consumes almost 25 minutes to update on Android devices and almost 35 minutes to update on iOS devices.

Once You’re Prepared To Update, Must Follow These Steps:

  1. On the “Connect” app (the exact app you use to change the ANC settings).
  2. Ensure that your headphone is connected to the app. If it isn’t, connect it via tapping the button.
  3. Open the connect app menu by tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Tap the model name (WH-H900N). If you won’t see your model name, it looks like your headphone isn’t connected.
  5. Tap the model name. If the firmware date exceeds, you’ll see a message like “Headphone update available – More Info.”
  6. Tap “More Info.”
  7. You will be seeing on the screen like “Headphone update available.” Tap “OK” in the lowest right-hand corner of the screen.
  8. After this, the update needs to proceed automatically. If you’re operating the Connect app on an iPhone or iOS device, then you will see the following message: [Bluetooth Pairing Request]. If so, tap “Pair” to continue.

You can read more about the process at Sony’s official firmware update support page.

The Sony WH-H900N Support HI-RES audio or not?

This headphone officially carries high-resolution audio whenever it’s connected to a device via a standard headphone cable through the 3.5mm jack. In postulation, a bit of the hi-res audio is lost during the transmission through Bluetooth.

Although, while I am assuredly not an audiophile, I didn’t observe too much difference between wired and wireless.


Finally, I review the best headphone for you which is going to give you many features, many benefits, without wasting much time on research go and get this dashing looks headphone.

Tell me if you have any query regarding this so you may ask, and I’ll surely reply to you.


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