JBL Reflect Mini 2 In-Ear Sports Headphone Review


Do you need a great headphone for sports like running or intense workout? Or if you want a headphone for daily use and too supportive for house works with a secure fit, here you are at the right side of your choice.

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Because today I am gonna talk about the JBL Reflect Mini 2 Review which will provide you multiple features and fulfill your needs, so read the full article for making yourself enjoyable for a long period of time.

JBL Reflect Mini 2.0 – In-Ear Wireless

JBL Reflect Mini 2.0

JBL Reflect Mini 2 Specs

  • JBL signature sound
  • 10-hour battery life with speed charge
  • 3-Button remote with microphone and voice assistant
  • Ergonomic ear tips
  • Reflective cables
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Who is it for and should you buy it? 

The JBL Reflect Mini 2 in-ear headphone is manufactured for sportsmen and for working lifestyle people. The secure fit and snug easily sits on the ear and won’t fall if you are running or doing a vigorous workout. 

Overall, it’s an excellent pair of Earphones and if you find it on a beautiful sale, it’s extremely great to go with.

Key Features

  • 5.8mm driver
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth connection
  • Inline three-button remotes are designed to control your calls and music.
  • IPX5 Waterproof supported, you don’t need to care about moisture damage while working out
  • Offer 10-hour battery life also with the great quick charge feature
  • Provide connectivity with two devices at the same time
  • Reflective cable makes them an excellent choice for running in low visibility conditions
  • Ergonomic ear-tips offer three different sizes for a customizable fit

IN the BOX

  • JBL Reflect Mini 2 headphones
  • 3x ear tips
  • 3x stability fins
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Carrying pouch
  • Manuals


The JBL Reflect Mini 2 wireless headphones are extremely comfortable and won’t disappoint you. It’s totally designed lightweight and with durable aluminum to provide you full day comfort in whole types of working. It has ergonomic ear tips that are manufactured with soft and silicone also including Freebie enhancers.

It provides 3 different sized tops to offer you a manual fit for optimal comfort and a great listening experience. This will comfortably fit in your ear so you don’t have to care about losing and falling from your ears, whether you are doing a potential workout.


The Reflect Mini 2 headphones come in black, light blue, dark blue, or neon green colors. It has a narrow reflective neckband. It offers an IPX5 rating that protects headphones from low-pressure water streaming, which means you can easily wear it in rain, get it sweaty, and rinse it off but couldn’t wear it while swimming. 


The Reflect Mini 2 wireless earbuds are durable and won’t provide premature wear and break. This earbud provides you long-lasting support and easily handles your active lifestyles.

Overall, it’s sports earbuds so they are capable of withstanding the strong workout and provide durability for a long period of time. But they are not surviving if you wear this and swimming so be careful before doing this.  


The JBL Mini 2 wireless headphones provide a decent and simple design. It offers some colors when buying this headphone like black, dark blue, light blue, or neon green. The neckband of earbuds is designed by a thin and reflective cord to provide visibility even in a poorly bright environment.

The neckband offers a cinch that helps alleviate a bit of the flexibility so you won’t face the cord bouncing around and make you feel uncomfortable while you are doing tasks on hand. 


The Reflect Mini 2 are many stable headphones and won’t fall down and move during physical activities. You can easily do running, workout, and play sports with this headphone without facing any issue. The tips and stability fins provide a tight fit.

It is a wireless design headphone and you won’t face any cable issues that can stick on something and can create problems.


The Reflect Mini 2 is a too portable headphone, just as most in-ears, and it can simply fit in a bag or a pocket. It comes with a tiny pouch that doesn’t create much weight and it remains portable. 


The JBL Reflect Mini 2 in-ear wireless headphones easily connect to the music player and your smartphone through a Bluetooth feature. It provides two different devices connection simultaneously.

This is a great choice for those people who need to stay connected with cell phones for making calls and also wanna enjoy music from a different device like a fitness tracker or computer. 

Noise Isolation

The Reflect Mini 2 provides better noise isolation performance. Instead of lacking active noise cancelation, it performs well more than ANC feature headphones. 

It reduces more than 9dB of noise in the bass range which is fair, and good for passive isolation. It can reduce a better amount of rumbling from bus and plane engines and becomes a great choice for traveling.

Considering mid-range, it reduces 20dB which is decent and good for office use. Considering treble range, which is for sharp sounds like S and Ts and fan noise, it reduces 36dB noise, which is solid.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is an important part for you, if you are purchasing it for better listening experience. Unluckily, The JBL Reflect Mini 2 wireless headphones provide average listening experience. Considering sports headphones, this headphone provides amazing bass.

Moreover, it gives a strong thump that sounds with intense sub-bass satisfaction rises on. Considering dangerous high listening sounds, the music won’t change and the bass stays powerful. 

The in-line mic offers solid recording quality. The LFE of 273Hz in recorded or transmitted speech that is comparatively thin. The HFE of 3.4KHz provides speech that is deficient in detail and existence, But this is provided in Bluetooth microphones.

Although, the accessibility of speech on this microphone will be solid in silent environments 

Battery Life

This wireless headphone has solid battery life with continuous 10 hours of playtime. It is enough for full-day listening and won’t require daily charging, and also depends on your listening time period.

It requires 2 hours for a full charge, but unluckily it doesn’t have power-saving features to increase battery life. And It gives an hour of playtime with just only 15 minutes of charging.


The JBL Reflect Mini 2 wireless headphone offers top-notch performance at an average price. It has a price of $100 but generally sells cheaper at online stores like Amazon. You find the almost exact performance of models but price twice as compared to this, it’s not a good choice to go there. 


  • Too stable design for sports.
  • Superb wireless range.
  • Good audio performance with deep bass response and sculpted highs.


  • It’s not for those people who are looking for a transparent sound signature.
  • The pouch doesn’t protect the headphones fully.


Finally, I recommend the best one headphone according to your need so without wasting much time on research, go and get this,  and feel the every moment of life by enjoying music and listening motivational speeches during workout or running. 


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