I7s TWS Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Earbuds Review


Wanna buy Apple AirPods, but can’t afford it. SO if you find the best alternative to Apple AirPods, it will be amazing for you. Today I am gonna talk about that earbud which is going to be the same as Apple Airpods, and that one is the i7s TWS earbud.

The i7 TWS earbuds appeared to include all that the Apple product would. Even a charging base would make charging the wireless earbuds so much easier.

So, read the full article because I will talk about the full specifications and features that will fulfill your needs like the Apple Airpod does but at a cheap price.

Without talking more, let’s move to the i7s TWS earbuds review

I7s TWS Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Earbuds


I7s TWS Earbud Specs

  • Item Type: Bluetooth Earphone
  • Color: White
  • Model: TWS
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Impedance: 16Ohms
  • Working Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
  • Sensitivity: -42db±2db
  • Frequency Range: 2.4-2.48Ghz
  • Distance: <10m
  • Profiles: A2DP/AVRCP
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth Support Devices
  • Package Weight: 0.105kg

What’s in the box?

  • I7s TWS Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Earbuds
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Guide

i7s TWS Features

  • iPhone 7 8, recently, exact style wireless earphones.
  • Comfort-fit: convenient customized design, to make sure a comfortable ear sense.
  • Super-Stereo Sound: Hifi metal bass earphones, jiggle your deep inner mind with a lot of beats.
  • Voice Prompt; Supported wideband audio, Paring through Voice-prompt, Power on/off, Battery Level, etc.

Design & appearance

I am gonna talk about the best experience with i7s TWS Airpod. It was manufactured like apple air pods, but at an affordable price. This is great looking wireless Earbuds.

In terms of characteristic, the i7 TWS provides white and black 2 choices. It features a half in-ear design like the AirPods 2. Moreover, the i7s TWS has button control, which is a little bit less sensitive in music control.

If you want a cable along the back of my neck like the Bose SoundSport Wireless headphone, and you hope something like it appears on everybody recently much like the AirPods. So the official dimensions accumulate to 4.8 cm x 0.9 cm.

i7s TWS Sound Quality

However, the sound quality of i7 TWS earbuds isn’t much better like the real AirPods, but still it’s good as compared to others niche brands of TWS headsets, like QCY T5, Bluedio HI TWS, and to continue.

The issue is the sound delivers swathe throughout the earbuds, and one side is much more controlling than others. The tinny central is all distorted and muffled. Calls a person and disconnects when goes 10 feet away from my laptop or phone.


The i7s TWS earphones offer A2D2 and HSP Bluetooth profiles, they are capable to attend telephone calls, even stereo music playback through your phone or other devices.

The i7 TWS earbud compatible with Bluetooth V4.2, provides a solid transmission, dull power consumption, and powerful compatibility. Moreover, it includes A2DP/AVRCP high-quality stereo audio transmission, remote control scheme and strong noise condemn circuit (active noise reduction).

i7s TWS Battery Life

Considering the battery life, the i7 TWS offers about 4 – 6 hours talk time, also music time 4 – 6 hours, and standby time almost 60 – 100 hours. The headphone battery capacity is 65 mAh and battery case capacity is 950mAh. Finally, the i7 TWS AirPods is great in battery life.

However, the i7 TWS can never be an alternative to AirPods, it’s quality buying at this price! Obviously, the involvation of an external charging base is impressive.

The rectangular and lightweight design allows you to carry the headphone safely in your backpack. Internal, 65mAh capacity lets you recharge up to four times (50 minutes charging time approximately).

i7s TWS AirPods Price

Luckily for the buyers, there are a lot of options in the online market where you can easily buy these headphones. Some headphones are too expensive than others, although, in many periods, they are accessible at an affordable price.

According to the market price, these wireless and earbuds are available in Gearbest online store at an amazing price of $9.90.


  • Continuous playback of 200 minutes.
  • 65mAh battery life.
  • Wireless and easy to fit in the ear.


  • The sound quality isn’t too great.
  • Cheap plastic

What Does TWS Stand for?

TWS means True Wireless Stereo, a technology that is just applied for the field of Bluetooth earphones. The TWS Bluetooth earphone is just like i7s and other technology products.

i7 TWS Earbuds Review:  How it Works Easily?

When performing certain controls don’t press the lowered part that we find in the luggage. Otherwise, the black part. It is located in the touch sensor that is gonna allow you to pause songs and change music at any time anywhere. Here are Some instructions to manually operate i7 TWS.

  • Play or pause a song: a tap on the left or right earphone.
  • Hang up a call or answer: a tap on the left handset or right. 
  • Next song: press two taps on any headset.
  • Rewind song: tap 3 taps on any headset.
  • For active voice assistants( Siri or Google Assistant): press and hold.  

i7 TWS Earbuds Review: How to power on or off the i7 TWS?

Turn on: After removing it from the charging case, the two i12 TWS headphones will automatically turn on and pair.

Turn off: Hold and press the power button.

i7 TWS Earbuds Review: How to connect the i7 TWS to any product?

Pairing One Headphone

Press and hold the multi-function button till the LED flashes blue and red preferably, that turn on the Bluetooth on your device and select the headset; a sound will be heard from the headphone “connected”, and then you will be making calls or enjoy music.

Pairing Both Headphones

  1. Press and hold both side multifunction buttons at the same time till the LED blinks red and blue one by one.
  2. After that double click anywhere to involve pairing mode, or also press the button for 3 seconds, the sound “ready to pair” should be removed.
  3. Finally, turn on the Bluetooth on your device and select i7tws to connect, and when the LED blinks blue slowly, it will pair successfully and the battery mark will show on your smartphone.

Note: When making phone calls, there is only one earphone working, but for the power off/ play/ pause function both sides can control one by one when connected, the other will concurrently. Moreover, the memory function offers connecting devices automatically.   

i7 TWS Earbuds Compared With Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Pairing – The i7 TWS earbuds take an hour for working while compared to Bose headset, it takes 2 minutes. Be remember the i7tws earbuds instructions aren’t involved at all troubleshooting.

Cheap plastic – The i7 TWS manufactured like it can break easily, compared to the Bose Headset, it looks like they are making a quality product.

Cost – The price of the i7 TWS is $19.99 and the Bose headset is about $149.00.

Connection – Doesn’t support wires and simple to fit in ears as compared to the Bose Headset.

i7 TWS Earbuds Review: How to play music with the i7 TWS?

  1. Play/ Pause song: Push the power button one time. 
  2. Next song: Press 3 clicks on the power button on the right headphone.
  3. Previous song: Press 3 clicks on the power button on the right headphone.
  4. Call Siri: During playback mode, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

i7 TWS Earbuds Review: How to charge the i7 TWS?

Keep the headset in the slot of the charging case, after that power on the charging case. When the charge is full, the LED indicator will blink red and power off.

Caution about the i7 TWS

  • Do not press or use this earphone too much, and save it from humidity and heat.
  • Avoiding interruption of the reception signal, keep away this earphone from Wi-Fi, router, and other high-frequency transmission tools.
  • Make sure to use this earbud under its working range (10 meters). If there is no barrier between the connected devices, then the result will be better
  • Using this Bluetooth headset to pair with any device through Bluetooth function.


Finally, I recommend you the best alternative that’s gonna help you more and pay you less and it will surely solve your problems and make you feel enjoyable with multi-features and multi-benefits.

Tell me if you have any query regarding this so you may ask and I’ll surely reply to you.

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