Best Gaming Headsets Under $80 In 2022


We have the best 5 gaming headsets under $80 and you will not regret these headphones they are amazing so if you’re looking for amazing gaming headsets you’re in the right spot make sure to stick around because in number one we have a well-known beast.

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5 Best Gaming Headsets Under $80

5.Logitech G332 1.25 lbsBlackCheck
4.Corsair HS35 0.70 lbsWhite/Yellow/CarbonCheck
3.MPOW EG3 Pro Gaming 1.1 lbsGoldCheck
2.Hyper X Cloud Stinger0.61 lbsBlackCheck
1.Hyper X Cloud II0.61 lbsRed/Gun MetalCheck

Logitech G332

Source: Amazon

The Logitech G332 – ok so first of all we’re gonna talk about the main features of these headphones these headphones were built for comfort and endurance.

So if you’re looking for comfort this thing is made for comfort so to make things simple they have a memory foam earpad and they also have a padded headband and even though they look massive.


But they are lightweight headphones and the reason they are so massive as to make them more comfortable they ensure that by making the earpads sit on more parts of your head thus increasing your comfort.

Because if they were small all of the weight would be on a small area and it would cause that area to become sore so Logitech found a solution for that they have a swivel of 90 degrees in the ear cups making sure that they fit on every head.

Now let’s talk about these sound they have 7.1 surround sound what does that mean? you may ask it means that you will get to hear were and pinpoint the location of every sound that comes to the headphone.

So basically if there was a grenade that exploded behind you you would hear the noise from behind you which is very good for sewer games or if you need to know where the sounds are coming from for your game.

Sound Quality

And they also have the extremely good sound quality they are detailed and they have good clarity the microphone quality of these is also pretty dope it is not bad they have good microphone quality so they are an all-around good gaming headset.

if you’re worried about noise isolation well don’t worry because they have good noise isolation.

And they have an extremely long cable so if you ever decide to jump off your chair and then the headphone goes flying to the floor worried about that no more because they have a very long cable.

Corsair HS35

Source: Amazon

Corsair HS35 just as the ones before these have memory foam earpads so what’s cool about these? I don’t know if you’ve heard of this score before but this cord is a software used by PC users.

That’s like a voice chat so it helps users communicate using the microphone and Dischord certified these headphones for crystal clear communication and outstanding sound.

These headphones both good bass so if you’re all about the bass they have amazing bass they also come with three color options so if you don’t like this color boom boom and you have black red and blue.

The microphone on these is a fully adjustable microphone so you can put it in any direction and angle you’d like.

It has a stiff cable which allows you to like adjust the close to your mouth and then it stays in that position so you can just do whatever you want with it and it’s gonna stick to that position which is pretty awesome.

Sound Quality

So sound quality indeed is pretty amazing and they have amazing bass so these are good for listening to music.

And if you’re into shooter games they’re really good for knowing where your opponents are too they have a wide soundstage microphone quality is where these headphones lack a little bit I mean it’s good it’s very good.

The microphone quality even the scores certified it but it’s not the best you will find better microphone quality however that does not matter and you like this if you care about the sound and it looks so you should definitely go for this comfort.

The things are outstanding they use very good soft memory foam earpads and they have a lightweight design so you can wear them for many hours without any problems.


And the quality of these is superb they have premium build quality they are mainly made out of premium high-quality plastic.

And if you are thinking to give them to someone these are a very good choice because the packaging is top-notch as expected with coursers high-quality standards so they will give you a very nice unpacking experience and premium feel.

So these are a very good option for a gift and don’t forget to buy a headphone splitter with these because they do not come with a headphone splitter.

So if you’re gonna use them for a PC or anything that uses a separate headphone jack and microphone jack you will need a headphone splitter.


Source: Amazon

The MPOW EG3 Pro headphones and MPOW are dominating the budget headphones.

These days every budget headphone list has empowered headphones in it they’re really good at making high-quality cheap products so I would definitely recommend these so looks for these are amazing in my opinion.

These are the best-looking headphones on this list however looks are a matter of personal opinion but I don’t think anybody wouldn’t hate the looks of these.

Sound Quality

So now let’s start with sound quality because the sound quality of these is amazing considering this price I don’t know how they do this? the base is not too heavy it’s in the sweet spot they have a sweet kind of base.

It’s not overpowering and everything sounds well and balanced and they sound pretty good they’re also an op-ed choice for games as you can easily pinpoint the location of these sounds.

And if you care about noise isolation definitely go for these because they will make you in a separate world so if someone comes and calls you you won’t hear them they have amazing noise isolation.

So they’re probably gonna have to tap you on the shoulder or something and the quality of this are excellent if you’re looking for a good mic you have it here so these are definitely the best budget option on this list.

So if you want budget headphones you will not find it lower budget headphones than this with good specs.

Although these headphones are pretty heavy they are extremely comfortable and the reason they are heavy is that they used premium quality materials to make them robust so they are very well built for this price.


And it also comes with two color options they’re compatible with pretty much everything PC ps4 Xbox one Nintendo switch Mac anything you name it they are also not compatible with Xbox one s.

I honestly don’t know how they build these things they are built like a rock and this headphone is amazing I don’t mean that they beat headphones costing $100 or something I mean that for this price you are getting an amazing everything.

Hyper X Cloud Stinger (Best Gaming Headset)

Source: Amazon

Hyper X Cloud Stinger and basically, this is the cheaper version of the number one.

These headphones are lightweight headphones they have 90 degrees of rotating ear cups we also have hyper X’s signature memory foam earpads they are amazing quality ear pads so comfort is a plus plus plus on this.

It also has an adjustable size and it has a volume control on the ear cup so if you want to adjust the volume on the fly on the ear cup without worrying about going to the settings they have it.

It also has a swivel to mute microphone so if something is happening around you and you don’t want your friends to hear it all you have to do is swivel the microphone up and boom it’s muted.

Sound Quality

And what’s cool about this? so it has an inline digital audio converter for higher quality sound meaning an inline DAC.

So now let’s talk about sound quality these have great sound quality how they have an amazing base depth that will not step over the other sounds in your music so it’s not one of those bases that all you hear is basing.

You don’t hear the highs or the mids or anything or no you hear everything with this they have a good sound stage so pinpointing where your enemies are ad has never been easier so it is very good for that.


The microphone on these headphones is very sensitive and it picks up a lot of sounds so be careful if you are in a loud environment because they will pick up everything and the however other than that if you’re in a quiet environment they sound crystal clear.

And they’re amazing for the price and you can also always turn the mic down if it’s picking up too much noise around you now even though they look a little shady on the outside of them however on the inside, it’s a different story.

They use extremely high-quality soldering joints like nothing is gonna go wrong from the inside of this.

So if you’re worried about headphones it always goes wrong in a year or in two months or five months or anything so it not just like that because it has very high quality inside.

Hyper X Cloud II

Source: Amazon

At number one we have the Hyper X Cloud II – okay these headphones are legends and they are legends for a reason everybody has heard about these headphones in the gaming industry because they are amazing.

So let’s start talking about the specs of this okay so first of all it has a USB audio sound card with a 7.1 surround sound system so you don’t have an amazing sound card and you get amazing sound because they come with a sound card built into the USB which is very good.

Sound Quality

If you have a really old and bad sounding PC or a very bad sound card built into your PC so as we wrote earlier the 7.1 surround sound system helps you pinpoint where the noise is coming from.

And these are very accurate they will give you exactly where it’s coming from and they reprimand so the sound of these is amazing usually gaming headsets don’t have the best sound ever compared to normal headsets.

However, it’s not the case in these they sound amazing for the price they are also TeamSpeak certified headphones I don’t know if you’ve heard of TeamSpeak before but it is another software for talking to your friends on a voice chat.

And it is a very well-known software and they certified and these headphones as being amazing and comfort-wise these have signature HyperX memory foam earpads which are known to be extremely comfortable.

And they last a very long time without having any problems they also come with two pads included with them they come with velour pads and they also come with leather red pads so depending on your choice.

They have your solution the mic on these is also removable so if you ever decide that the mic is in your way and you don’t want to use it just pop it out it just comes right out and you can plug it back in whenever you want to use it.

The microphone of this is fully adjustable it is rotatable 360 degrees the cable is also a stiff type of cable that you can adjust and in halls of position so you can put it in any position you’d like and it will hold it and that’s pretty cool.


And it’s work with PC ps4 ps4 Pro Xbox one Xbox one asks anything you want you to name it Nintendo the base these headphones pack is amazing if you’re one of those bastes people or other people that love bass you are gonna love this.

Because it has amazing bass and the mids and highs are also okay in this and it is not bad at all like they are pretty good and microphone quality is amazing that floor made these headphones pretty good.

The microphone quality is dope it is crystal clear and you will have no problems with it whatsoever some people say that the microphone sounds very loud but that is to ensure they pick up no noise.

So you may have to speak up a little bit but that is fine because they are amazing quality microphones built quality is where these headphones shine.

So if your little brother always breaks your headphones and snaps them and chews on them this will withstand anything they are very robust you can throw them on the wall you can step on them they will survive.

However, it’s not like I’m recommending you do that I mean I would not recommend that but I’m saying they will withstand anything and they also compact very well with plenty of foam and padding just another sign that they are well taken care of.

I think this is a very great investment if you want to ramp up your gaming experience and listen to high-quality audio.

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