5 Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Running


Today we’ll talk about which are the five best Bone Conduction Headphones For Running so here are the best picks, how to choose the correct product, and what you should look at before buying so we’ve ranked these products based on their price-quality durability performance.

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And more if you’d like to see their price and find out more information you can check out the links below let’s get started we are going to start this list with the best budget option.

5. WGP Headphones

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Here we are going to talk about number five WGP Headphones the WGP open-air bone conduction headphones sit on the more affordable side it’s cheaper than the Vidonn F1.

Nonetheless, the battery life is brought down the WGP just has five hours of playback up its sleeves however, the extraordinary thing is 10 minutes of charging permits an hour of extra playback very convenient for the individuals who are in a rush.

IP Resistence

Another in addition to the WGP over the f1 is its waterproofing this headset has an ip56 waterproof rating these headphones will endure sprinkles however not all out submersion these are the best five best bone conduction headphones in the market.

Be that as it may, they probably won’t be the best sounding Headphones out there yet these are incredible gadgets for drivers competitors, and the individuals who need spatial mindfulness while tuning in to music.

They work by vibrations the sound transmits via the cheekbone to your cochlear which avoids hearing impairment compared to ordinary earphones open-air design helps you stay alert to your surroundings avoiding the danger and meanwhile enjoying music.


Built-in a 170 mah lithium battery with two hours recharge can be used for up to six hours playing time 240 hours on standby make sure not to overcharge or use a high power charger to charge this.

This will shorten the life of the battery aside from the WGP logo on the left neckband arm there’s nothing special or distinctive about these headphones.

They’re pretty much the same as any other generic headphone model there may be some differences in the earpiece size but nothing interesting it’s the same old neckband open ear design just like Vidonn F1.

And aftershocks wireless headphones WGP headphones are solidly made the frame is made of titanium and wrapped in protective silicon.

The headphones are ip56 certified which makes them great for all kinds of physical activities except for swimming the comfort is more than satisfying they are a little bit heavier than the aftershocks headphones yet light enough to give incredible solace.

The earpieces lay nicely against your skull and provide a stable fit they don’t cause any fatigue or pain also the neckband doesn’t interfere with helmets which makes them perfect for cycling contrasted with other bone conduction headphones.

The sound is decent there’s no bass but the mids are sweet and the vocals are clear it’s like listening to nice background music.

4. Vidonn F1

Source: Amazon

Next up we have a model which gives you the best value for your money number four Vidonn F1 it might seem like true wireless earbuds are the only innovation to come to headphones in the last few years.

But that isn’t the case and that’s bone conduction headphones while they’re not for everyone they do feel a niche and may be exactly what some people are looking for if that someone is you then you’ve come to the right place.


These are the best bone conduction headphones you can get you could often deduce quite a lot by only looking at the packaging when receiving the fidden f1.

The bundling established a generally excellent first connection the headphone is stuffed in a strong and attractive box that can be collapsed open a plastic holder guarantees that the f1 is immovably moored in the packaging.

The headphones are available in black with either gray-blue or yellow accents and give you provide purchases with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for a full refund package.

The device was brought from an authorized distributor in addition to the guarantee the f-1 comes with a 12-month warranty.

The fidden f1 headphones are lightweight and truly agreeable to wear they include a titanium compound structure which is profoundly adaptable and the dark tpu plastic appears to be tough with high caliber.

There are three buttons play pause which can also be used to answer phone calls volume up and volume down the play pause button and the flap covering the micro USB port is a soft plastic material and the volume buttons are hard plastic.

The sound is a little tinny and the base tends to get a little lost this can be easily remedied by wearing earplugs with the headphones the difference in sound quality is astonishing but obviously you lose the benefit of hearing other sounds this does.

Nonetheless, exhibit that the sound quality is there yet it simply gets somewhat lost among the background noise.


The battery life was particularly impressive fidden claims the f1 headphones have an expected battery life of six hours which is amazing we found the fidden f1 headphones to be comfortable durable and to have surprisingly good battery life.

If you’re looking to invest in some wireless bone conduction headphones and don’t want to spend too much then these are highly recommended for you.

3. AfterShokz Aeropex

Source: Amazon

This next model has the best battery life out of the bunch so number threeAfterShokz Aeropex. Aftershokz shows its consumer savviness with top-notch packaging.

You flip open the magnetic latch of the hard case box and it reveals the bone conduction headphones the silicon pouch is a softcover pouch that you keep the aeropex in your slide.

The aeropex transducer first in smoothly and the pouch cuddles the headphones nicely the pouch is closed magnetically in a satisfying way the earplugs were a surprise for me.

You’d think that someone who buys an open-ear headphone well wants to keep their ears open but it must be there for a reason.


And I trust a company like aftershocks to have done their due diligence in user research as a veteran leader in the bone conduction headphones market I expect aftershocks to deliver great build quality.

The Aeropex did not disappoint the matte rubber material was nice to the touch and the weight is light without feeling cheap the wireless bone conduction headphones sit comfortably between the cheek and ear over the transient district.

There are two in-line controls found on the headphones the playback button is found on the left transducer while the power volume button is found on the right underside of the headphones the overall sound signature has a forward mid-range the vocals are clear but slightly colored.

IP Resistance

It works well with song genres like pop r b and rap a common usage of open-ear headphones is for workouts such as running or cycling where you might want to know about your encompassing environmental factors with an IP rating of ip67.

The Aeropex is clearly made for exercising with eight hours of battery life you can enjoy music calls and audiobooks as well as podcasts all day long overall the Aeropex aren’t extraordinary headphones yet they are incredible running headphones.

If you found the ability to hear your surroundings and you want a pair of comfortable non-invasive headphones these are a great pick.

2. AfterShokz Titanium

Source: Amazon

Coming at number two AfterShokz Titanium the AfterShokz Titanium design is impressive with the two bone conduction transducers sitting just to the side of the ears rather than going into the ear canal in some ways.

They’re similar to ear cup style headphones that send sound into the ear from outside except that these don’t have any foam or covering to keep ambient noise out one of the speakers has an interruption button as an afterthought which demonstrated truly valuable and stops the wearer actually taking them off.

The aftershocks titanium may be primarily designed for the gym and for jogs and runs outdoors but we’ve zero interest in buying a different pair of headphones for every occasion.

The aftershocks titanium needs to do everything so we went for them on a stroll through a bustling downtown area there were snapshots of certifiable revelation where situational mindfulness once in a while intrigued.

As a concept entering a coffee shop and speaking to the barista without having to yank off a pair of wired earphones was one another was walking through a bustling market and being able to hear what was going on around us in some ways wearing the aftershocks titanium felt genuinely liberating crucially.

The sound quality coming from those speakers don’t match a pair of regular headphones controlling the aftershocks titanium is also a cinch with one of the component boxes on the headband hosting volume buttons.


One of which serves as a long proceed off switch close to that is a micro USB opening for recharging and here comes an issue at only six hours charge.

The aftershocks titanium is quickly consigned from a couple of doing everything headphones to an item that definitely should be thought of as single action and that is a disgrace.

Add a six-hour battery life and a rather loose neckband that causes them to slip slightly when exercising and the aftershocks titanium is left looking like a novelty product that needs some work.

1. AfterShokz Air

Source: Amazon

Finally, the next model is the best overall from us it gets a perfect score in all categories number one AfterShokz Air q open-ear running headphones like the Trex air which do away with commotion separation as well as with meddlesome earbuds.

Out and out while most producers persevere with technology that burdens noice detachment and aftershocks has avoided the pattern by advancing situational mindfulness and it does it utilizing bone conduction.

The trek’s air is a couple of remote headphones that fold over the rear of your neck and delayed repercussions, their producer is quick to push that the innovation has come on a lot.

Design Feature

And now doesn’t mean sacrificing base the key design feature of the Trex air is of course that they are not earphones at all but speakers aftershocks call this open fit and despite them allowing you to hear what’s going on around you.

One of those little bone conduction transducers comes a further security choice a quiet catch on the left-hand side an easy to discover.

It’s designed for the user to press when say crossing a busy road setup was easy with a female voice called Audrey confirming that the Bluetooth pairing process with a phone had worked thanks to Audrey on each side of the trek’s air.

There’s a little fingertip-sized lodging that contains batteries and controls however they additionally have a task to carry out in keeping the journey’s air still on the rear of the head.

The controls are basic too on the right-hand side are volume catches which send a tone to the speakers with each press and a higher pitch tone.

When the maximum volume is reached that’s important because as open ear headphones there’s a risk of sound leakage one of our biggest gripes about the trek’s air has to be its short battery life yes we realize that its lightweight design is to blame.

And we’re loath to criticize that but just six hours does put them in the dreaded day use category the treks air are superb in the gym or if you’re out on a run in the countryside buying guide firstly how they work.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Running – Benefits

Bone conduction headphones communicate sound waves through the listener’s skull by continually vibrating bone all the more explicitly solid is led through the skull right to the cochlea dodging the eardrum malleus incus and stapes cochlear

Then moves microscopic hairs stereocilia within the Corti this flowing movement initiates a string of chemical reactions that causes neurotransmitters to stimulate the auditory nerve.

When a motor is shot from the hear-able nerve it goes to the mind which deciphers this data as sound.

Furthermore, wellbeing bone conduction headphones are entirely sheltered and apparently more secure than conventional in-ear headphones since nothing is held up in your ear waterway which implies you don’t need to stress over catching a silicon sleeve in your ear or causing an ear disease.

They’re also safe for running outside as they allow you to remain fully aware of your surroundings of course you still need to listen out of safe volume so your environment is clearly audible to you.

And lastly exploits bone conduction headphones exploit this theory by transmitting sound through a different path to the ear sends vibrations through the bones in your face to the temporal bone.

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This temporal bone is the bone surrounding the cochlea the vibration of the temporal bone causes the cochlear fluid to move which in turn sends signals down to the auditory cortex where the sound is heard.

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