5 Best Laptops For Content Creation


There are a lot of good and almost perfect laptops available for gamers media consumption and day to day tasks. But choosing the perfect or Best Laptops For Content Creation can be hard.

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Laptops are for handling tasks that do not require much horsepower, however often you would find yourself in need of a powerful portable device that can take an extra workload without stretching too much.

For example, content creation requires a laptop with a fast processor strong discrete graphics, and a high-resolution display.

Best Laptops For Content Creation

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5. Dell XPS 15 7590

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First, we have the Dell XPS 15 7590 this laptop comes in either a 4k OLED panel or 4k IPS touchscreen panel. The IPS panel has 500 napes brightness and a 100% out of the RGB.


While the OLED panel offers 400 leaves brightness with 100% DCPIP to support its IPS panel also supports active pen till after configured with I9-9980HK processor at the two terabytes of game.

Dr. PCIe SSD and 32 gigabytes of RAM along with NVIDIA GTX 16:50 grab this unit for professional creative work both OLED and IPS panel are strong contender readers out of RGB color reproduction.

Support the IPS panel is a great option for photo editing and other specialized work while the OLED panel has one millisecond response time and offers a brilliant 100,000 by 1 contrast ratio with DCI p3 color reproduction making it an outstanding choice for professional work.


The XPS 15 is part by a 97-watt hour battery just under the FDA regulation making it permissible to carry with you anywhere although this massive amount of battery capable of running this device up to eight hours which is not that impressive.

However, a laptop of this magnitude is expected to have less battery life the XPS 15 is also outfitted with enough force and slots to be a formidable workhorse.

You will get two USB 3.1 type airports Thunderbolt 3 port HDMI 2.0 port 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and a charging port.

The Dell XPS 15 is certainly a great laptop for video and photo editors whether you go for the IPS are all at the power the NVIDIA GTX is 50 and it can hold up its end quite well while editing videos and game so overall it’s great choices laptop for content creation purposes.

4. MacBook Pro 16

Source: Amazon

When it comes to powerful workstation Apple is always at forefront of the segment’s the MacBook Pro 16 may be one of the most expensive laptops on the market but it is also one of the most powerful Apple MacBook ever made.

The laptop has a 16-inch LED-backlit Retina display with IPS technology that offers 3072 by 1920 native resolution at 2:26 pixels per inch and 500 meters of brightness.


The 16-inch MacBook Pro can be conferred with nine generation intel core a nine processor with a turbo boost of up to five gigahertz.

The base memory starts from sister gigabytes and can be configured up to 64 gigabytes with storage options available from 512 gigabytes which can be configured up to 8 terabytes of SSD storage.

And you can choose between the AMD Radeon Pro 53 aren’t aim and your Radian Pro 5500 M as your graphics image.

The design of the magnet probe remains intact at its core with a unibody aluminum chassis for thunderbolt ports for charging external display and other connectivity options along with the massive force touch trackpad.

When Apple first put the island cheats to its 15-inch MacBook Pro it resulted in Seibert rattling which sent Apple back to the drawing board to redesign.

And the result is the astounding cystine inch MacBook Pro powered by a custom graphics card from AMD with the next generation 7 nanometers M to graph its architecture.


The 2020 16 inch MacBook is a very powerful and super fast battery life of MacBook Perez also pretty as it is equipped with a massive 100 watt-hour battery which is the largest capacity.

So from every angle, the 2020 MacBook Pro is a laptop for video editors and content creators with its powerful CPU GPU and gorgeous Sistine inch display.

However, it is still not for everybody Peter’s expensive price tag but if the price is not much big factor for you and this is the ultimate laptop for any content creator.

3. Razer Blade 15 Advanced

Source: Amazon

Razer Blade 15 Advanced is a premium gamer and creator centric device dies on its own class the 2020 Razer Blade 15 advanced model comes with either full HD 24 Hertz or 4k OLED charge display.

The 4k OLED display has blazing fast 1 millisecond response time and offers 100% DCI click report while SGR 400 true black certification ensures deep blacks and vibrant colors.


This laptop is powered by six core intel core i7 processor system gigabytes dual-channel memory and conquerable GPU ranging up to GeForce artists 180 max-q along with 512 gigabytes nvme SSD storage.

The Razer Blade 15 Advanced is a very capable gaming laptop that looks more like a traditional laptop for projecting to work its gaming level components make it overkill for any productivity or web-based tasks.

Content creators can leverage its GPU to exploit video and photo processing machine will support them very well without even skipping a bit.

Although the high refresh rate is unnecessary for nongame work it’s very smooth movements will be appreciated by anyone while it’s for the touchscreen display with 100% bzip2 support and HDR phone.

Our certification makes the display great for video editing and color reproduction-related tasks although with all its greatness the Razer Blade 15 advanced can only last an average of four hours between charges.


The razer blade is equipped with an 80 watt-hour battery and its runtime is not impressive at all but other than that is a great laptop for professional graphical and content creating works.

2. Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED

Source: Amazon

The Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED is an attractive laptop for content creators with an excellent 4k OLED panel a super comfortable keyboard and solid performance boosts all packed into a sleek aluminum chassis.


The laptop from the comp guard with either nine generation Core i7 or coronel processor up to 64 gigabytes of memory and a one terabyte SSD storage.

While the era 15 ollege can be configured with a wide range of jet fuel arranging Apogee first artist 2080 max Q even with its sleek and slim design.

The Aero 15 all it offers plenty of USB ports and peripherals the gigabyte Aero 15 all it has a really great build quality even with its slim and compact design even though the name has Olek in the laptop is actually outfitted with 15.6-inch thin bezel II wish.

The AMOLED display from the sensor the colors are accurately vibrant blacks are deep and contrast is outstanding images are fantastically sharp while viewing angles are excellent in all directions making the 4k display amazing creative work.

The Aero delivers a well-rounded experience in both gaming and content creation it’s powerful components are capable of powering a demanding image and video editing apps providing you portability and convenience in a compact package.


But with all only display battery life is an important issue the aero 15 all it is powered by a 94 watt-hour battery which is capable of powering up devices up to 4 hours between charges.

However, it’s miracle battery life can be overlooked from the performance this laptop is capable of giving.

1. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo

Source: Amazon

And finally, we have the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo. The companies are trying to implement dual screen as a viable form factor for laptops the Asus Zenbook pro duo is certainly a fresh idea into this type of form factor which is also surprisingly useful.

The design of the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is in fact great for multi-tasking that is required for content creation purposes.


Asus ZenBook Pro Duo can be configured with either 9 generation Core i7 or koruna and faster up to 32 gigabytes of memory one terabyte PCI storage and Nvidia have tested one is the GPU.

It has a gorgeous 4k Olek touch panel as its main display along with a 14 inch 32 by 9 aspect ratio IPS screen pad plus second display its main display features HDR and 100% DCI Pietra color game hood with 100,000 by one contest ratio.

When u wanna check its performance Asus ZenBook Pro Duo will not disappoint you there as well it performs like any other gaming laptop and video editing with this laptop is amazing.

The secondary display will be helpful when you’re editing videos and you can easily access relevant resources without having to minimize your editing window too much which will help you maintain your workflow and allow you to be more productive.


With the level of powerful components, you will not notice any problem while working on its graphics hungry softwares the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is powered by an HL 70-watt hourly polymer battery pack.

This only lasts about four hours with both displays operational compared to regular day-to-day tasks laptops this has a very miracle battery life however laptops with this magnitude with dual-screen certainly will not have the most impressive battery life.

And all the laptops we talked about in this article does not have a great battery life without better being a big issue this laptop does not have any other significant downside and can be a great laptop for professional content creators.

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